The CRESS research lab is led by Professor Robin Banerjee and is located in the School of Psychology at University of Sussex

Collaborators on current and recent projects

Current and former graduate students
  • Dawn Watling (now faculty at Royal Holloway, University of London) 
  • Julie Morgan (now faculty at University of Brighton)
  • Nikki Luke (now faculty at University of Oxford)
  • Georgia Panagiotaki (now faculty at University of East Anglia)
  • Lis Ku (now faculty at De Montfort University)
  • Mark Wright (now faculty at University of Brighton)
  • Megan Hurst (now faculty at University of Sussex)
  • Kay Mathieson (educational consultant)
  • Dave Smalley (now faculty at University of Sussex)
  • Leyla de Amicis (now working for charities for children and young people)
  • Helen Drew (now faculty at University of Sussex)
  • Jess Cotney (University of Sussex)
  • Cecilia Cordeu (University of Sussex)
  • Diego Carrasco (now faculty at Pontifical Catholic University of Chile)
  • Ali Lacey (University of Sussex)
  • Aysenur Karabulut (University of Sussex)
  • Toni Brown (University of Sussex)
  • Lucie Crowter (University of Sussex)
  • Marusa Levstek (University of Sussex)