Photo of Sally MuntSally Munt
Emeritus Professor (Politics)



Sally Munt is a Professor of Cultural Politics.

Sally's research has ranged over different contemporary themes of 'otherness', and cultures and identities of otherness. She has expertise in exclusion and its effects, social, emotional, and cultural. Sally is generally interested in social justice projects and community engagement research.

Her main disciplinary focus lies in Cultural Studies - particularly in how social identities are experienced. She has strong interests in sexuality, gender, and class, narrative, space, spiritualities, shame, paranormality and resilience and refugee studies.

2016-on      Founding and Chief Editor – Feminist Encounters Lectito Publishing, University of Amsterdam.

2014 Principal Investigator for AHRC Cultural Values programme - project on British cultural values working with refugee women.

In 2008-9 Sally was the Principal Investigator for a significant AHRC/ESRC funded project in the Religion and Society Programme, called 'Queer Spiritual Space(s): An investigation into the practices of non-hegemonic queer spiritual communities using case studies, (Quakers, Buddhists, Findhorn Community (New Age), Muslims, Michigan Womyns Festival (Wiccan and others), and the 'non-aligned spiritually curious' online)'. The book was published in 2010 by Ashgate, co-authored with Kath Browne and Andrew Yip, as 'Queer Spiritual Spaces: Sexuality and Sacred Places'. The outcomes also included designing a community based resource, a conference, and an interactive web page, to stimulate inter-faith dialogue. See further and Queer Spiritual Spaces

Sally also continues to write about popular narratives and identities following an early interest in crime fiction and feminist narratives.  

Sally completed a 4 year MSc in Cognitive Psychotherapy at the University of Brighton, and she welcomes collaborative research projects in Psychosocial Studies, and the politics and culture of emotion, - particularly around issues of social exclusion. She also completed a 2 year PGDip in Psychiatry from Brighton and Sussex Medical School in 2014.

2005-6        Helen Waddell Visiting Professorship, Queen’s University, Belfast. Position held in Women’s Studies, School of Sociology & Social Policy

Keynote Addresses:

“Shame, Sexuality and Ireland”

Conference Keynote, UCD Dublin Ireland September 5th 2019


“Victim Media”

Sophia: Belgian Gender Studies Association conference, Brussels, 23-24th April 2018.


“Gay Shame in a Global Context” – University of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Symposium on the politics of shame. October 20th 2017


“Migrants, Ostranenie, and Brighton Beach”

The Changing Face of the Seaside? Race, Whiteness and Identity conference, University of Brighton 27 January 2017.


Argumentum ad Misericordiam – the Critical Intimacies of Victimhood”

 ‘Gender Politics of Shame’ conference, London School of Economics. November 14th 2015.

International conference on the Politics of Shame. University of Stellenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa. November 30th 2015.


“Marginal Perceptions”

‘Marginal Perceptions: Queer Voices In and Beyond Conventional Disciplines’ conference, March 7th 2015, University of Exeter UK.


“The Mood of History”

The Tenth Annual LGBT History, Archives and Culture Conference. London Guildhall. 16 February 2013.


“Paranormal Cultures: from the Sublime to the Ridiculous”

Staging Illusion conference, December 8-9th 2011, University of Sussex



Institute of Socio-Legal Studies, University of London, November 3rd 2010.


“Queer Manifestations”

‘Queer Manifestations: Literature, History, Theory, Culture’ conference, University of Chester, Saturday 19th June 2010.



Paranormal Cultures conference, University of Sussex Friday 4th June 2010.


“’Race’, Spirituality and Sexuality”

Queer Spiritual Spaces Conference, March 13th 2009, University of Sussex.


“Queer Spiritual Spaces – Research Outcomes”

ESWTR [European Society of Women in Theological Research] Conference, ‘Wrestling with God’ University of Winchester, Liverpool Hope University, August 21st-24th 2009.  The Society is made up of academics and theologians from across Europe.


‘Queer Spirituality – Research Design Paradigms’

Gender Theory Feminism conference, Goldsmiths College, University of London, June 11th 2008.


“Shameless Futures”

‘Future Queer’ international invited seminar [with David Halperin], University College Dublin, Ireland June 29-30th 2006.


“Six Feet Under and the White Gay Bourgeois Self”

Lesbian Lives International Conference, University College Dublin, Ireland. February 10-13th 2006.


“Shame, Hate and Envy in Institutional Cultures”

‘Lesbian Lives’ International Conference, WERRC, University College Dublin, Republic of Ireland, February 11-13th 2005.


“ “Discourse is not life; its time is not yours” (Foucault): Expanding Spaces in the Fiction of Philip Pullman”

“Sexualities, Cultures and Identities” international conference, University of Newcastle, January 17th 2003.


“Intelligibility and Identity”

“Language – Communication - Culture” 2nd international conference “English in the World”, jointly organized by the University of Lisbon & University of Évora, Portugal, November 27th- 30th 2002.


“The Homosexual Nation”

“Other(ing) England” conference, University of Buckinghamshire, 9 June 2001.


“Challenging Divisions: Queer Feminism”

Plenary speaker. Women’s Education, Research and Resource Centre (WERRC) University College Dublin, 10th Annual Conference “Trends in Feminist Thought”, 1-2 December 2000.


“Cultural Studies and the Working Class: A Reconsideration”

“Cultural Studies and the Working Class: A Reconsideration” conference, University of East London, December 4th 1999.


“Heroic Desire: Lesbian Identity and Practices of Space”

Plenary speaker “Alterities: Interdisciplinarity and Feminine Practices of Space”. International conference held jointly by Ecole Normale Supèrieure des Beaux-Arts and Ecole d’Architecture Paris-Villemin, Paris, 4-5th June 1999.


“Detective Fiction, Grief, & Nostalgia”

“Detective Fiction: Nostalgia, Progress & Doubt” conference Liverpool John Moores University/ University of Liverpool 24-25th November 1996.


“The Hegemonic Regulation of the Butch Body”

“Remembering Embodiment” conference Keele University, September 12-13th 1996. (organised by the Business School).


“Shame, Subjection, and Subjectivity”

Plenary Speaker. “Literature and Legality” conference University of West England, June 29-30, 1996.