Photo of Michael CoulonMichael Coulon
Honorary Senior Lecturer in Finance (Accounting and Finance)


I currently teach two modules, one at post-graduate level, one at undergrad level (detailed info for enrolled students is available on Study Direct):

  • Commodities and Alternative Investments (763N1):  This module is taught to MSc FRIA (Financial Risk and Investment Management) students, and focuses primarily on understanding the types of commodity markets, commonly traded products, their price behaviour and unique features, and related risk management challenges.  Other alternative investments are also introduced and discussed although quantitative models are introduced only for commodities, including reduced-form and structural approaches, and some derivative pricing techniques.  
  • Financial Derivatives (N1559):  This module is core for Year 2 students on the BSc Finance and BSc Economics & Finance, as well as optional in Year 3 for BSc Accounting & Finance.  The module introduces students to financial derivative products, their markets, unique features, and important roles for hedging or speculation.  No arbitrage concepts are presented, leading to models for pricing of derivative products, such as the binomial model and Black Scholes.