Dr Maxmillan Martin

Post:Associate Tutor (Geography)
Other posts:Visiting Research Fellow (School of Global Studies, Geography)
Location:CHICHESTER 1 CI143
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Max is a geographer specialising in climate, hazards and knowledge design. He is engaged in Forecasting with Fishers, co-producing localised, impact-based marine weather forecasts in southwestern India. Designed and developed with Sussex Sustainability and Royal Geographical Society grants, this interdisciplinary research contributes to safer and more sustainable fishing. 

Currently, he leads the Red Cross Global Disaster Preparedness Center project, Fishers on the first mile of Thiruvananthapuram coast in southwestern India. This research contributes to Sussex Climate Science and Society group’s work,  Forecasting with Food Producers. 

Research: Arabian Sea storms  | Documentary: Crashing Waves |  Blog: Fishers’ tales

Community and Business

Radio Monsoon (radiomonsoon.in  |  facebook.com/radiomonsoon)

Sussex Innovation funded this marine weather forecast service experiment for fishers in Thiruvananthapuram, South India.  It involves sharing forecast information and feedback based on traditional knowledge between scientists and small boat fishers.  After a successful pilot we are expecting to continue this service this monsoon season.


BSc (Botany, Zoology, Chemistry)  - University of Kerala

MSt (Forced Migration) - University of Oxford

PhD (Geography) - University of Sussex 2016


Research Associate, Forecasting with Fishers (Since 2017) - This multi-disciplinary project contributes to make South Indian artisanal fishers’ livelihoods more secure and sustainable by improving safety at sea. Its main objective  is to close the gap between what marine weather forecasters produce and disseminate, and what artisanal fishers recognise as relevant and actionable inputs for decision-making.  

Research Officer, Humanitarian Policy in a Changing Climate (Humpol) Institute of Development Studies, (2015- 2016) 

Climate Change and Migration in Bangladesh — a CDKN-funded joint project of the University of Sussex and Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit, Dhaka  (2012-2014)