School of Global Studies

Forecasting with fishers

Co-producing knowledge for early warning of extreme weather events on the coast of South India

About the project

This multi-disciplinary project contributes to make South Indian artisanal fishers’ livelihoods more secure and sustainable by improving safety at sea. Its main objective  is to close the gap between what marine weather forecasters produce and disseminate, and what artisanal fishers recognise as relevant and actionable inputs for decision-making.  Bringing together these small-scale fishers with weather forecasters and government agencies, it will devise, test and promote effective means for the co-production and communication of accurate weather forecasts, thus increasing resilience of the fishers amidst a trend of extreme and hazardous weather conditions in a changing climate. Moreover, the project will devise an “action template” of practical methods and a roadmap for co-producing and communicating accessible and effective weather forecasts to artisanal fishers elsewhere in India and beyond. It will also contribute to academic debates concerning: the understanding and response to environmental risks; the role of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in disseminating information and warnings to diverse and vulnerable populations; and the knowledge, practices and livelihoods of fishing communities in Asia. 


Top banner image: A small fishing boat with outboard motors lands early in the morning off the coast of Pallithura village.