Photo of Matthew FordMatthew Ford
Research Associate (International Relations)


Dr Ford's research interests include the following:

  • Technology, Strategy and War
  • Science and Technology Studies in relation to conflict, war and the military-industrial complex
  • Military effectiveness, innovation and adaptation
  • War and Society
  • British Defence Policy
  • Counterinsurgency and Irregular Warfare

He would be happy to receive PhD applications in any of the above areas but is particularly interested in military effectiveness and how this concept is mapped into technologies that shape the way war and security are interpreted.

Matthew is especially interested in the way that users, engineers, scientists and others interact in the development of military technology. He has written extensively on firearms, battle and the way that soldier experience is mediated and made sense of by engineers and scientists.

He would welcome proposals that explored the way that military-technical and bureaucratic power works in innovation and procurement.