Photo of Laila KadiwalLaila Kadiwal


Currenty I conduct the following seminars at the University of Sussex:

  • Marx and historical materialism & alienation
  • Weber - class, power and politics & the Protestant ethic
  • Durkheim - division of labour, individualism, solidarism
  • Freud, Individual and Society
  • Foucault, power and discourse
  • Power, social order and capitalism
  • Bourdieu, 'the game', social fields
  • Feminist social and political theory
  • Interaction, identity and social life
  • Is contemporary capitalism still a class society?
  • Class and cultural capital
  • Bowling alone: is there a new crisis of community in contemporary capitalism?
  • Is capitalism the cause of or solution to environmental problems?
  • Gender, Power and Violence
  • Race, Racism and the State
  • Women Who Kill and Gender Representation
  • The alternative to capitalism: socialist societies in the 20th Century
  • Globalisation, Culture and Politics
  • Risk, Capitalism and Edgework
  • Capitalism and postmodernism

 Previously I have taught:

  • Research methods
  • Philosophy of religious education
  • Teaching skills 

 I can also teach the following modules:

  • History and nature of religious education in Britain 
  • Religious pluralism
  • Globalization and religion
  • Cosmopolitanism
  • Hybrid research method- combinging online and offline methods
  • Using Nvivo and Zotero