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Allam research philosophy is central to both his teaching and broader academic goal of generating and sharing ideas and transmitting them within and across the student, policy, academic and business communities with whom he is engaged. He has published widely on how knowledge and technology transfer (TT) contribute to SD and competitiveness in the developing countries (DCs). He has produced more than 120 publications, including fourteen books, numerous articles on knowledge and technology transfer and management, sustainable development (SD), marketing and policy reports on sustainability and competitiveness. He serves on the Editorial Board of eight international journals in S&T, KM, Business, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Management, Strategy and International Business, and reviewer for Oxford University Press, Emerald Publishing, Inderscience Publishers, Journal of World Business; Management Research News; Journal of Development Studies; Science, Technology & Human Values; International Journal of Technology Management; Management Decision; International Journal of Technology Transfer and Commercialisation; Research Policy; etc.

Allam main areas of research focus on: (a) globalisation and competitiveness. This cover topics relating to marketing; strategic management; entrepreneurship; and government macroeconomic policies and (b) the role of science and technology in achieving sustainable development (SD). This covers topics relating to marketing and commercialisation of technological products and innovation; knowledge and technology transfer and management; productivity gap analysis & modeling; SD; industry & sustainability; and achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). His work is distinctive within the wider academic community as it focuses on the poor (and some of the poorest) nations. This has led Allam into various collaborations with different distinguished scholars across the UK and the world and to various invitations to guest-edit journal special issues and to give key note speaches at international conferences.

Allam intellectual contribution is perhaps best illustrated by the following recent example of published work.

"The European Union as a Model of International Cooperation in Science, Technology and Sustainable Development", The British Journal of Politics & International Relations, 9(4), 2007: 654-669. In this article, co-authored with Doctor Josephine Stein, we assess European Union (EU) research policy as a stable, long-term form of organising international science and technology co-operation, and evaluate the prospects for transposing this model to co-operation with non-European developing countries (DCs) in the context of sustainable development. The article shows that the EU often neglects the capabilities for change within DCs. The European approach combines scientific objectives with common political, social, economic and environmental aims through a form of partnership based on dynamism, collective decision-making and the distribution of research responsibility. It is argued that the prevailing character of co-operation between Europe and DCs, which stresses the transfer of resources, does not adequately recognise the knowledge, capacity for innovation and valuable socio-cultural assets of partners within the developing world which will be essential to build the partnerships needed to sustain progress in this area. The article is first reviewed as one of the key documents consulted for a scoping study commissioned by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) on behalf of the International Forum of Research Donors for Development (IFORD), to provide an overview of donor support for research capacity building in Africa for its next five-year research strategy and 20-year Vision of development for poverty reduction; and secondly the article is cited in the Final Report by Directorate-General for Research and Innovation of the European Commission, in the context of the follow-up to the Green Paper “The European Research Area: New Perspectives” adopted by the Commission on 04 April 2007.

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