Photo of Wendy HitchmoughWendy Hitchmough
Emeritus Senior Lecturer (Art History)


My research focuses on late nineteenth- and 20th-century art and architecture with particular reference to the Bloomsbury Group, and the Arts and Crafts Movement in Britain, Europe and America. I’m interested in the politics of display and in museological issues relating to the conflation of concepts of ‘house’ and ‘museum’. My research for Historic Royal Palaces included a study of Anna of Denmark’s agency as a collector and the role of Inigo Jones as her masque designer. I was Co-Investigator for a project funded by AHRC to explore the performance of the opening masque at the Banqueting House, Whitehall, in 1622, by Inigo Jones and Ben Jonson. The project included a workshop performance of The Masque of Augurs in the Banqueting Hall. I’m interested in the possibilities of digital for the conservation and interpretation of heritage and, in particular, in the potential of new digital technologies to explore the intangible heritages that contribute to the significance of many historic buildings. I am currently working on a book for Yale University Press about the Bloomsbury Group.