Photo of Keith LewinKeith Lewin
Emeritus Professor (Education)


Founding director of the Sussex MA in International Education and Development and contributor to MA and teacher education programmes over 35 years. Teaching on education and development, economics of education, educational finance, modelling and simulation, assessment, teacher education, science educaton, innovation theory, evaluation, aid to education.

Over 40 successful D Phil completions on education and development, financing education, science education, teacher education, curriculum development, inspection, project evaluation, decentralisation, and assessment. 

Current Doctoral supervisions include theses on:

    • drop outs in rural communities in Ghana, 
    • private schooling and choice in Ghana, 
    • alternative delivery systems for basic education in the North of Ghana,
    • multiple providers of educational services in Rajasthan, basic education and nomadic communities in Kashmir,
    • transitions to secondary school in Uttar Pradesh,
    • decentralised educational financing in India,
    • educational access in Bangladesh,
    • assessment and pedagogic change in science in Saudi Arabia,
    • higher education and science policy in Sub Saharan Africa,
    • cross border migration and education in Southern Africa,
    • school based management and child friendly schools in Sri Lanka, 
    • science and technology graduate futures in Sub Saharan Africa,
    • access to secondary education in India,
    • school management in Bangladesh,
    • school participation in an urban slum environment in India 


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