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Prof Keith Lewin

Post:Emeritus Professor (Education)
Location:ESSEX HOUSE EH 143

Telephone numbers
UK:01273 678970
International:+44 1273 678970
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  • D.Phil.  Institute of Development Studies/University of Sussex, 1981; M.Sc. Science Policy, University of Manchester, 1972; B.Sc. Physics. First Class Honours Degree. University of Manchester, 1971; C.Phys (Chartered Physicist); FAcSS (Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences)


  • Professor in International Education and Development
  • Director of Centre for International Education (CIE) 1995-2011       
  • Director of the Consortium for Educational Access, Transitions and Equity (CREATE) funded by DFID
  • Chair of Trustees, UK Forum for International Education and Training 2017-2020

Awards and Associations

  • Gu Mingyuan Prize for "Outstanding contribution award for Overseas Researcher of Chinese Education 2021
  • Fellow of the U.K. Academy of Social Sciences
  • Joyce Cain prize 2013 for best article worldwide on Africa (with R Sabates). Comparative and International Education Society of the USA.
  • Past President, British Association of Comparative and International Education
  • Honorary Professor, University of Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. Investiture
  • Honorary Professor, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China  Investiture
  • International Institute of Educational Planning, Board of Consultants, Paris 
  • Editorial Board International Journal of Education and Development
  • DFID Research Review Panel 
  • SEIA (World Bank) Senior Advisor on Educational Financing 
  • UNICEF Senior Consultant 
  • AUSAID Senior Consultant 
  • African Development Bank consultant 
  • Education International Critical Friend

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Emeritus Professor of International Development and Education, University of Sussex and Director of the Centre for International Education (CIE) 1995-2011. Previously Director of Research Studies in Education; founding Director of the Sussex International Masters Degree programme; supervisor of more than 50 PhDs on Education and Development; and grant holder for over £4.5 million worth of research and development projects in the recent past. Top ten grant holder at the University of Sussex for most years 1995-2015. The CIE is part of the development studies cluster at Sussex that has consistenly been ranked World Number 1 (QS Rankings) Past President fo the British Association of Comparative and International Education. 2013 winer of the Joyce Cain prize of the Comparative and International Education Society of the USA.

Director of the Consortium for Research on Educational Access, Transitions and Equity (CREATE) with multi-million pound funding from the UK Department for International; Development (2005-2012). The consortium has undertaken research on Access to Basic Education (including lower secondary schooling) in Bangladesh(BRAC), India(NUEPA), Ghana (UCC and Winneba), South Africa (U Wits) on a large scale with high level partners over five years. The research has also taken place on a smaller scale in Kenya, Malawi, China, and Sri Lankain partnership with national teams of researchers.  It has produced over 150 research products working with over 100 researchers including national reports and analytic research monographs. The research is summarised in Making Rights Realities and all other research products are available at which has become a portal for access to education.

Special interests include the economics of education and development; policy analysis and planning; science and technology and development policy, teacher education; national assessment systems and public/private partnerships. Development and mobilisation related to bi-lateral and multi-lateral aid programmes, and finaincing of education systems. Experienced senior consultant to UN agencies, World Bank, DFID, UNICEF and UNESCO and other bi-laterals and many national governments in Africa and Asia.

Director/ team leader on many research and development projects across Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. These include: the Secondary Education in Africa (SEIA) programme of the World Bank with thematic responsibility for planning and financing with case studies in Ghana, Zambia, Benin; the Multi Site Teacher Education Project (MUSTER) working with teams in Malawi, Ghana, Lesotho, South Africa and Trinidad and Tobago (DFID); Director of the Teacher Education Support programme to the Mpumalanga Primary School Initiative (MPSI - DFID) in South Africa; Strategies for Sustainable Financing of Secondary Education (China, Sri Lanka, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Cost Rica and a review of francophone countries - IIEP); Science Education and Development – a Multi Country Study for IIEP including a major review of Science Education in Malaysia (IIEP).; the South African Mpumalanga Primary School Initiative international partnership on teacher education (DFID); Access and Equity in Basic Education for the Asian Development Bank with HIID; Basic Education in China (UNICEF); and Implementing Educational Reform in Developing Countries.

Operational Engagements: Consultant to the Global Parternship for Education and the African Development Bank; Technical advisor to Commonwealth Ministers working party on post 2015 goals and targets and 2018 Ministerial meeting; Senior advisor to AusAID on the development of educational aid programmes; Senior consultant to the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) and DFID (India) on projection and planning for Rastriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA); senior consultant to the government of Uganda and development partners to develop the national framework for Post Primary Education and Training (PPET) for DFID); senior consultant to the Government of Tanzania and the World Bank on Finance for the Secondary Education Development Programme (World Bank), and Planning Nine Year Basic Education in Rwanda (CfBT/DFID). In each case I have developed the software for national projection models for finance and enrolment flows, and have written a series of policy papers presented at national and international conferences to shape the Medium Term Expenditure Framework. External Consultant to the Departments of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology, the National Department of Education, and the Foundation for Research Development (South Africa) on research policy, teacher education, and science and technology capacity building. Special Advisor to the Minister of Education, Mauritius on financing and the implementation of the Education Masterplan (Govt of Mauritius/UNDP). Co-director of National Review of Science Education study in Malaysia (Govt of Malaysia/IIEP). Consultant to the Rockefeller Foundation on the African Forum for Children’s Literacy in Science. External consultant to Government of Sri Lanka for the World Bank and for UNDP for expenditure tracking and for research development at the National Institute of Education.

Co-Presenter of the Round Table on Financing Education for All at the World Conference on Education for All at Jomtien, Thailand (1990 – UNICEF); co-presenter of Round Table on post primary educational financing at the World Education Conference in Dakar (2000 IIEP). Several policy reviews for DFID including position papers on post primary education, for the White paper on Globalisation, institutional reviews of UK Educational Aid. My work on secondary school financing and development was presented in plenary to the Commonwealth Education Minister’s Conference (CCEM 16) and to the Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA). The model developed by CREATE under my direction has been adopted by DFID in its 2010 Education Strategy Paper, and has been used to shape the UNICEF/UIS 21 Country Study of Out of School Children 2010/2011, and AusAID’s Strategic Vision for its educational aid (2011). Most recently I led a plenary discussion with Minsters at the 18th CCEM and have been acting as senior technical advisor to the Commonwealth Ministers on post-2015 Goals and Targets, and contributing to the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) Working Group on Indicators.

My publications include more than 15 books on education and development, over 100 refereed journal articles and book chapters, 60 commissioned policy reviews and substantial consultancy reports, and a wide variety of occasional papers and working documents for research projects. I have given Key Note addresses to DFID education advisors and to over 100 international conferences on education and development in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean and my work has been disseminated by DFID, the World Bank, IIEP/UNESCO, AusAID, Coomonwelath Secretariat, ADEA, AfDB and several other bilateral development partners.





In my role as Professor in International Education and Development I founded the Sussex international Masters programme in Education in 1979 and became Director of the Centre for International Education (1995-2011). Since 1979 the Master's programme has graduated more than 700 students and the Centre has produced over 400 PhDs. I have directed many research projects and was the Director of the DFID funded Multisite Teacher Education Project (MUSTER) 1997-2005 exploring teacher education in Africa and the Caribbean. I was subsequently the Director of the Consortium for Educational Access, Transitions and Equity (CREATE) also funded by the Department for International Development (DFID). I have supervised over 50 PhD and Ed D students. Most recently I have been acting as technical advisor to Commonwleath Ministers on post 2015 international goals and targets related to the U.N. processes to revise the Millenium Development Goals, and acting as advisor to the Global Partnership for Education and the African Development Bank. 


More information on my research programmes, and free downloads are available from