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Stargazing Live 2018

Stargazing Live at the University of Sussex

  With regret, we have decided not to run a Star-gazing Live event on campus in January 2018.  We apologise for any disappointment this may cause.

  We have decided not to do the event due to several reasons:

  • Car Parking: The car park immediately adjacent to the Jubilee building is currently closed as a multi-story car park is under construction.  The next available car park is 300m away.
  • Campus Development:  There is a significant redevelopment under way on campus in general, with additional student accommodation blocks being built 200m away from the planned venue, resulting in additional traffic controls, construction traffic and light pollution.
  • The BBC are not planning to show a Stargazing Live TV series this year, and we are concern that may reduce attendance.
  • Due to a recent change of venue layout, there is now nowhere for our planetarium to be used on the evening, which has been massively popular and a big draw in previous years.

While these are individually relatively minor, we do not want these to diminish the experience for our visitors.

Instead, we have decided to focus our efforts on developing additional activities that would be ready for our Stargazing event in January 2019.  For instance, we are currently planning to build a model of the James Webb Space Telescope, which will be the successor to the Hubble Space Telescope when launched in June 2019.


 Stargazing Live at the University of Sussex

Here is a timelapse movie of previous Stargazing Live events at Sussex!