Physics and Astronomy

Tailored days

We can arrange bespoke activity days either at your school or college, or here at the University of Sussex Falmer campus with any number of students, and we can mix and match activities to create a full day event tailored specifically to your needs.

See our primary, secondary and a-level activities and talks pages for a full list of options, and we will put together a timetable for your visit.

Past examples include...

An astronomy day for 20 year 10 GCSE students at the University
10.00 Arrival at the University of Sussex
10.30 Astronomy research lecture
11.15 Break
11.30 Solar workshop (including observing, weather permitting) 
12.30 Lunch
13.30 Spectroscopy workshop 
14.20 Planetarium show 
15.00 End

Telescope session

A physics day for 75 AS-level students at the University
10:00 Arrival at the University of Sussex
Morning sessions - the students rotate between a research lab tour, a planetarium show and a collection of "Fun with Physics" demonstrations.
10:15 Session 1
11:00 Session 2
11:45 Break
12:00 Session 3
12:45 Lunch
13:30 Astronomy lecture in our 350 capacity Chichester Lecture theatre
Afternoon sessions - the students rotate around cryogenic physics experiments and demonstrations of our cloud chambers and thermal camera. 
14:30 Session 4
14:45 Session 5
15:00 Session 6
15:15 Goodbyes!
15:30 End

Chichester lecture theatreThe 350 capacity Chichester lecture theatre

A particle Physics day at the University (one day for AS-level students, and another for GCSE students visiting from multiple schools)
9:45 Registration 
10:00 Introductions
10:10 "Accelerate!" demonstration-led lecture
11:15 Break
11:35 Session 1
Half of the students participate in computer-based activities, while the other half are involved in practical activities (three 20-minute workshops looking at particle detectors, cloud chambers and building the universe out of lego!).
12:35 Lunch
13:20 Session 2
The students switch places to complete the set of Session 1 activities.
14:20 Research update 
14:50 Break
15:05 Live webcast from CERN
15:20 Q&A 
16:00 End

"Accelerate!" talkPhoto from the "Accelerate!" talk
A day of activities for year 10 students, at a school in Worthing.
For each workshop, a team from the University (including undergraduates and postgraduates) run radiation workshops and planetarium shows (with astronomy Q&A) in parallel.
9.50 - 10.50 - Workshop 1
10.50 - 11.10 - Break
11.10 - 12.10 - Workshop 2
12.10 - 13.10 - Workshop 3
13.10 - 14.20 - Lunch
14.20 - 15.20 - Workshop 4
15.20 End