Physics and Astronomy


We are the Department of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Sussex, and we have a large and well established Outreach Programme. Our aim is to encourage more students to study physics at A-level and beyond, and to offer support to those teaching physics.

 Who are we

The University of Sussex is part of SEPnet, the South East Physics Network, a network of SEPnet logouniversities all working together to promote physics through developing and delivering high-quality outreach.

What we do

  • We offer a large range of FREE outreach activities to local schools and colleges, for a range of ages
  • Teachers and students can engage with our activities either here at the University of Sussex campus in Brighton, or we can travel to you (conditions apply - your venue must be within a 45 minute travel time of the University of Sussex in Brighton)
  • Each year we typically work with 10,000 students from 80-100 different schools and colleges at over 130 events.
  • Our large variety of physics and astronomy activities are delivered by either our outreach officer, our researchers, or our trained postgraduate and undergraduate students - all serving as wonderful role models for the next generation of physicists
  • You can book onto our activities via this website.

To keep up to date with all our activities and upcoming events please fill in one of our Keep-in-Touch forms, available for either teachers or members of the public.

If you are an undergraduate or postrgraduate student in the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences at the University of Sussex, and wish to get involved in the outreach programme, please follow this link for further details.