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Sussex Projects

Welcome to the Sussex Projects pages, where you will be able to access the University of Sussex Project Management Framework Handbook and templates.

This updated handbook is being delivered by the ‘Amazing Projects, Brilliantly Delivered’ Project.

"Amazing Projects, Brilliantly Delivered" Project

Work is underway to roll out a new Project Management Framework that will:

  • Provide a consistent approach to Project Management that is used across the University
  • Create a common governance and project lifecycle process with centralised templates
  • Enable better-informed decision making through standardised and simplified project lifecycle gateways
  • Help to create a community of practice, empowering project managers to share knowledge and experience across teams.
Accessing the University of Sussex Project Management Handbook

The latest handbook, templates and guidance can be found on the “Sussex Projects” Microsoft Teams site.

To request access, please follow this link: Sussex Projects Teams Site

Sussex Projects - navigating the Teams site
  • Please post any questions about the new framework, templates or project management on the "General" channel. The project team, and other members of the site, will respond.
  • Templates and guidance can be found via the ‘Files’ tab.
  • All questions and answers will also be added to the FAQ tab (next to the Files tab along the top) for quick and easy reference.
  • As the roll out of ‘Amazing Projects, Brilliant Delivered’ progresses we will be adding more templates, training materials and information.

For updates on the Framework, template or progress of the project please join the Sussex Projects Teams Site.

Project Review Group

A new cross-functional body has been commissioned to review all project gateway products from across the University and recommend progression to the next stage in the project lifecycle. The Project Review Group (PRG) replaces the IT Projects Board (ITPB) and the Capital Projects Group (CPG), providing scrutiny and quality assurance for project investment decisions.

The PRG will also undertake an annual review of the new Project Management Handbook and authorise any recommended amendments whilst considering the means to continually improve project management procedures and documentation. 

Meetings take place on the first Wednesday of every month, with papers due 1 week in advance. If you have a document to be considered by the Project Review Group, please submit to this email address: projectreviewgroup@sussex.ac.uk 

For further information about the PRG, how it sits within the University's new Project Management Framework, and to access training materials including the Project Management Handbook please request to join the Sussex Projects Teams Site via this link, where the project team will answer any questions you may have. 

Useful external guidance for project management

Register with the Association for Project Management to benefit from the University's associate membership: https://www.apm.org.uk/

The University also has full access to Gartner via the following link: http://www.sussex.ac.uk/its/services/software/gartner

Gartner specialises in world-leading technology research and advice, but many of its resources can be easily adapted for other types of project.