Room Booking

Room Booking Request Form

In order to make a Room Booking for General Teaching Space (GTS) during term-time or vacation time please log in by entering your ITS username and password.

You can view room facilities without login or building opening times, and timetable information after login.

Bookings for future dates that are not available via ORBS at the moment are provisional and subject to change without notice. If you wish to cancel a room booking please use this link Room viewing/cancellation page .

Please note:

  • The room booking system requires the use of javascript
  • The system is closed each night from approximately 9.30pm-5am for system updates
  • ORBS should not be used for student society or non-University bookings. A definition of these can be found in the Freedom of Speech Policy . To make these bookings please fill out the room booking request form
  • If you are intending on having an external speaker at a University event, you must complete an external Speaker procedure. The Students' Union External Speaker Procedure should be followed when a student, student group, staff member of department within the Union organises an event with an external speaker (i.e. an individual or organisation who is not a current student or staff at the University of Sussex or Sussex Student Union).

    For all other events involving an external speaker, please follow the University of Sussex External Speaker Procedure.