Division of General Counsel, Governance and Compliance

External speaker request procedure

If you are a member of staff or a University of Sussex student and are intending on having an external speaker at a University event, you must complete an external speaker procedure.

Please complete the online External Speaker Request Form below.

It is anticipated that the vast majority of events organised will not need to proceed beyond Stage 1.

  • Stage 1 – Self-Assessment
  • Stage 2 – Local Assessment
  • Stage 3 – University Assessment

If you answer YES to EITHER self-assessment questions, you must proceed to Stage 2 (Local Assessment) and contact your Head of School or Professional Services Director. Please retain details of action taken within Stage 2, for audit purposes and progression to Stage 3 (where required).

You only need to move on to Stage 3 (University Assessment) if the local assessment cannot approve the event with or without mitigation.

To proceed to Stage 3, please contact l.spenceley@sussex.ac.uk providing full details of all the action taken within Stage 2.

Please complete one form per event and in accordance with the External Speaker Procedure [DOC, 102KB] and Freedom of Speech Code of Practice [PDF 129KB]. Where there are multiple speakers attending the same event, please provide details of each speaker in the space provided. Please ensure that you consider the self-assessment questions in stage 1 for each speaker. 

*Please note that if the political/reputational etc climate around a topic has changed since the risk assessment is conducted, it is the organiser's responsibility to review ahead of the event.* 

If you have trouble accessing any information on this page please contact l.spenceley@sussex.ac.uk