Health and Safety on Campus

The Health and Safety Team


Health and Safety on Campus

The health and safety of staff, students and visitors is of paramount importance to the University. It is important that the University operates effectively and allows its staff, students and visitors to undertake their activities without detriment to their health, safety and wellbeing.

Application of good practice in health and safety is recognised as being a key component in achieving high quality teaching and research.  It is also acknowledged that failings in health and safety could not only have a harmful impact on the University’s ability to conduct its business, but also harm our reputation.

Good health and safety practice will be achieved if staff, students and their visitors give their full support to the University in ensuring that teaching, research, events, activities etc. are carried out in accordance with relevant regulations, policies, local rules and guidance documentation.

The Sussex Estates Facilities (SEF) Quality Safety Health and Environment (QSHE) Team are available to support, advise and guide you with any Health & Safety queries/advice that you might require.

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