Health, Safety and Wellbeing


Emergency Procedures

Emergency Services on Campus


In an emergency dial Ext 3333 from an internal phone or 01273 873333 from a mobile.

It is important that this number is used and NOT 999 as the Security Team will meet emergency services at the entrance to the campus and guide them directly to the relevant location. Otherwise, emergency vehicles can get lost on campus and this may delay their response.

Blue emergency telephones are also provided at various locations on campus. They are directly linked to the University's 24 hour Security Service. Emergency Telephones

What happens when I dial 3333

The call is linked through to Security who are available to take your call and after taking your details, will alert a Mobile First Aider of the need to attend the first aid call. If the emergency services are required, Security and the mobile first aider will co-ordinate the response.

Staff Health and Safety Handbook

Emergency procedures for staff are detailed in the staff handbook


Emergency Response Team (ERT)

The Emergency Response Team is a voluntary organisation which is run by employees of the University, who provide a first response service to a medical emergency.


The University campus covers an area of 240 acres, which during the working day has some 11,000 people in and around its buildings. The buildings range from domestic dwellings to highly complex research laboratories. Due to the location of the campus the Emergency Services can take up to twenty minutes, depending on traffic and weather conditions, to arrive.

During working hours all team members are in constant radio contact with the Security Office, through whom all emergency 3333 calls are channelled. Once an ‘alarm call’ has been received by the ERT, they can be at the scene of an incident within the first two minutes.