Health, Safety and Wellbeing


Emergency Procedures

Security Emergencies

For security emergencies call the security office emergency line: ext 3333 (01273 873333 from an external or mobile phone)


Security Office location: Ground Floor, York House

Maintenance Emergencies

For maintenance-related emergencies phone Service Centre: ext 7777 (01273 87 7777) - 24-hour line

Service Centre email:

Security emergencies

In an emergency, immediately call the Security Office on ext 3333 (01273 873333 from an external or mobile phone). You can also phone Security for first aid assistance. Never call 999 (Security will do this for you), as emergency services need to be met at the entrance to campus and guided to the incident location.

There are emergency phones inside many buildings on campus, including in the foyers of the Park Houses and in the porters' lodges of Park Village, East Slope, Lewes Court, Brighthelm, Stanmer Court and Swanborough.

Emergency phones are also outside in the following places and are marked by big blue flashing lights at night:

  • Arts A undercroft
  • Arts C
  • Bramber House
  • Brighthelm porters lodge
  • Campus main entrance
  • Central stores/Friston
  • Chichester 1
  • East Slope
  • Falmer House main entrance
  • Falmer Sports Complex
  • Fulton teaching building
  • JMS building entrance
  • JMS building opposite old ancillary building
  • Lewes Court
  • Lewes Court phase 2 block 3
  • Lewes Court phase 2 block 4
  • Mandela Hall
  • Northfield (blocks 2, 8, 12 and 15)
  • Park Village
  • Pavilion Road
  • Pevensey 1 undercroft
  • Shawcross
  • Sport Centre
  • Sussex House by Barclays Bank
  • Swanborough
  • Thermo Fluids


Fire Assembly Ponts:


Staff respond to requests for first aid and assist in obtaining an ambulance and/or police.

They will respond to fire alarms and if necessary arrange for attendance of the fire service.

The alarm systems are tested every week.

If there is an emergency and friends or family need urgently to contact students who live on campus, they can do this on the landline telephone in each of the study bedrooms. Alternatively, urgent messages can be left at York House 24-hour reception on 01273 678334.

Please visit the Security pages for further information on campus safety.

For any emergencies relating to buildings, equipment and facilities, please contact the Service Centre by phone if possible. The Service Centre will coordinate the appropriate emergency call-out staff to address the issue as a matter of priority.

For information on how the University prepares for and responds to Emergency Incidents and information on Business Continuity, please click HERE