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Academic Advising Policy [DOCX 23.27KB]

ACR Course Report Template [DOCX 33.41KB]

ACR School Report Template [DOCX 31.91KB]

Annual Course Review - Data Report Guidance [DOCX 44.98KB]

Annual Course Review Handbook [DOCX 65.94KB]

Application for a potential deferral of a scheduled examination

Application for a variation of submission deadline

Application to change a trailed non-core module

Assessing Group Work [DOCX 18.84KB]

Attendance, Engagement and Absence Policy for Taught Students [PDF 225KB]

Attendance, Engagement and Absence Policy for Research Students [PDF 263KB] (updated by RSAO)

Academic Development Handbook

Academic Framework 2020/21

Academic Misconduct Cover Sheet [DOC 50.00KB]

Academic Misconduct First Case Form [DOCX 25.43KB]

Academic Misconduct First Case Guidance for Module Convenors [DOC 94.50KB]

Academic Misconduct First Case Template for invite to Module Convenor meeting [DOC 29.50KB]

Academic Misconduct Flowchart for Module Convenor Process [DOCX 51.75KB]

Academic Misconduct Flowchart Notes

Academic Misconduct Flowchart Part 1

Academic Misconduct Flowchart Part 2

Academic Misconduct Flowchart Part 3

Academic Misconduct Investigation Template (to inform student of Investigating Officer decision)

Academic Misconduct Notice of Advice Template (to inform student that mark will not be published)

Academic Misconduct procedure for exam misconduct [DOCX 18.37KB] (where there is no previous academic misconduct)

Academic Misconduct procedure for personation [DOCX 22.73KB] (includes purchase of an essay online)

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