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Academic Advising Policy [DOCX 23.27KB]

Academic Development Handbook [DOCX 183.12KB]

Academic Framework 2018/19 [DOCX 38.35KB]

Academic Misconduct - Minor Misconduct Interview Guidance [DOC 43.50KB]

Academic Misconduct - Module Convenor Process Route [DOCX 55.35KB]

Academic Misconduct Cover Sheet [DOC 39.50KB]

Academic Misconduct Flowchart Notes [DOC 105.00KB]

Academic Misconduct Flowchart Part 1 [DOCX 64.42KB]

Academic Misconduct Flowchart Part 2 [DOCX 66.06KB]

Academic Misconduct Flowchart Part 3 [DOCX 48.88KB]

Academic Misconduct Form (First Case) [DOCX 36.90KB]

Academic Misconduct Guidance Notes [DOCX 18.86KB]

Academic Misconduct Guidelines for Convenors (First Case) [DOC 45.00KB]

Academic Misconduct Notice of Advice Template [DOC 29.00KB]

Academic Misconduct Procedure for a First Case of Plagiarism [DOCX 19.29KB]

Academic Misconduct School Letter Template [DOC 34.50KB]

Admission with Advanced Standing [DOCX 21.25KB]

ACR Course Report Template [DOCX 33.41KB]

ACR School Report Template [DOCX 31.91KB]

Annual Course Review - Data Report Guidance [DOCX 44.98KB]

Annual Course Review Handbook [DOCX 65.94KB]

Annual Monitoring Report Template (Partners) [DOCX 45.40KB]

Application for a potential deferral of a scheduled examination [DOCX 15.13KB]

Application for a variation of submission deadline [DOCX 33.21KB]

Application to change a trailed non-core module [DOCX 18.60KB]

Assessing Group Work [DOCX 18.84KB]

Attendance, Engagement and Absence Policy for Taught Students [DOCX 41.07KB]

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