Academic Development and Quality Enhancement

New Course and Pathway Approval

Portfolio Approval Committee

The authority to approve new courses and pathways resides with the University’s Portfolio Approval Committee (PAC). This is a two stage process that ensures the proposal is of the appropriate academic quality, complies with University policy, and is a suitable addition to the portfolio of the School. PAC also retains the authority to withdraw or suspend courses or pathways.

Further details on the process for the Committee can be found in the Academic Development Handbook. If you have any queries not addressed by the Handbook, please contact for assistance.

New Course Approval Forms

These forms should be used to make proposals to the Portfolio Approval Committee.

Course validation

Once given approval by PAC, courses will progress to the validation stage where the detailed curriculum will be scrutinised by a panel of independent internal and external members.

The following forms should be used to prepare for course validation panels:

Course Validation Forms

If you have any specifc queries relating to validation, please contact