Academic Development and Quality Enhancement

Suitability for professional practice policy

The University has a duty to ensure that a student is ‘suitable for professional practice’, where the course includes practical training in a professional role and the award of a degree from the University enables a student to register with an associated Professional and/or Statutory Body (PSB). 

This University policy and procedure is designed to ensure that there are appropriate processes in place to consider any issues that arise across the University related to a student’s suitability to practice in a professional setting. Such a policy and procedure will be required by Professional and/or Statutory Bodies (PSBs) associated with courses provided by the University. Some Schools already have a procedure in place that meets the requirements of the relevant PSB. This Suitability for professional practice policy [PDF 196.96KB] is designed for Schools that own courses that are, or will be, accredited by a PSB, where a School policy is not in place.