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Examinations and Assessment

Examinations and Assessment Regulations

The Examination and Assessment Regulations are approved by Senate and govern the way in which all taught students – undergraduate and postgraduate – are examined and assessed at the University of Sussex.

The regulations ensure we are adopting best practice in relation to examinations and assessment principles and processes, and that we are treating all students with equity and parity.   

For information on how schools, external exmainers and students can provide feedback on the regulations please see Processes for raising regulatory issues [DOCX 15.84KB]

The Examination and Assessment Regulations Handbook 2018/19 (final) [PDF 1.53MB] applies to all taught students being assessed in 2018/19, including students continuing their studies from previous years.These regulations provide the formal documentation governing examinations and assessment. 

The policy and procedures for a number of key processes are provided in the handbook with additional supporting information on the following:

  • academic misconduct
  • exceptional circumstances claims
  • temporary withdrawal

For further guidance on these processes, please refer to the specifc webpages. You may also find the webpages on reasonable adjustments and joint honours students useful.

For information on assessment and communication of outcomes for visiting and exchange students, please see Information for schools on V&E assessments and results release in 2018/19 [PDF 70.10KB].

For students undertaking a repeat year, the Learning Agreement 2018/19 [DOCX 14.76KB] should be completed. The Learning Agreement Guidance 2018/19 [DOC 49.50KB] applies to all students on a repeat year of study.

Key dates and deadlines linked to the assessment process can be found in the Marks Calendar 2018/19 [PDF 255.36KB] and Progression and Award (PAB) Dates 2018/19 [PDF 74.03KB]

A list of the modes of assessment for 2016/17 onwards can be found:  Modes of Assessment from 2018/19 [PDF 237.51KB]

Frequently Asked Questions

Further guidance can be found in the following FAQs:

There is also a glossary to support your reading of the FAQs.

Support and Guidance

Support and guidance is available as follows:

  • Academic Advisor:  academic advice related to your studies.
  • The Student Life Centre: non-academic advice, welfare support and information regarding support available on campus and in the local area
  • The Student Support Unit:  SSU is a team of specialist advisors who support students with disabilities and mental health issues