Academic Development and Quality Enhancement

Forms - assessment related

The following forms are provided for a student to make an application (where the criteria are met):


1. For a second, trailed or optional resit to be scheduled in the same assessment period as the next cohort - Application form for A3 resit to be scheduled in A1 or A2 [DOCX 16.45KB] For further information on the application process for staff and students please see Process and flowchart for applications to take an A3 resit in A1/A2 [DOCX 52.68KB]

2. To take the resit mode of assessment in the summer vacation assessment period due to a religious, competitive sporting, work or internship committment which may clash with a scheduled exam - Application form to defer A1 or A2 exam to A3 (religious etc) [DOCX 15.28KB]

3.  To take the resit mode of assessment in the summer vacation assessment period due to attendanace at a wedding which clashes with a  scheduled exam - Application form to defer A1 or A2 exam to A3 (weddings etc) [DOCX 15.46KB]

4. To defer a PGT Dissertation/Project from the summer vacation assessment period to the mid-year assessment period of the following academic year - Application to defer PGT DISS/PRO to A1 [DOCX 17.69KB]

5. To change a module trailed into the next stage (not for a core module) - Application form to change trailed non-core module [DOCX 18.64KB]

6. To vary a submission deadline as a result of a delayed placement - Application for a variation of assessment deadline [DOCX 33.14KB]

7. To replace an assessment where an error has been made in the e-submission process, resulting in the incorrect file being submitted, and it is no longer possible to upload a replacement file via the electronic system Application form to replace an e-submission file [DOCX 24.74KB].  A flowchart is provided to support Schools E-submission error file [PDF 88.07KB].

8. To repeat an undergraduate stage of study (other than stage 1), instead of taking resits.  The Progression and Award Board (PAB) makes decisions about repeat stages at the Resit PAB in September.  Exceptionally, an applications can be made following publication of results from the summer Progression and Award Board (PAB) Application to repeat UG stage instead of resits [DOCX 22.49KB].