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The Student Life Centre (SLC) and the Student Support Unit (SSU) are located on the Ground floor of Bramber House.

The Student Life Centre plays a key role in ensuring that Sussex is a supportive and empowering environment for students. The SLC provides information, guidance, referrals and resources to enhance student transition to and progress through the University.

The Student Support Unit is a team of specialist advisors who support students on the autistic spectrum and those with long-term conditions such as Specific Learning Difficulties (e.g. AD(H)D, dyslexia, dyspraxia) and mental-health issues.   

Have you had your MMR vaccination?

We would like to remind you to have an MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) vaccination if you haven’t already done so following an increase in confirmed cases of measles over the past few weeks.

Cases have mainly been confirmed in unimmunised adolescents and young adults, some of which are known to be university students in the South. Many of these cases have been admitted to hospital.

Measles is a highly infectious viral illness that can be very unpleasant and sometimes lead to serious complications. It’s now uncommon in the UK because of the effective MMR vaccination programme. Although it may be a mild illness in children, measles can be more severe in adults. Those who are unvaccinated, or not fully vaccinated, remain susceptible to the disease.

It’s never too late to have the vaccine. Students who have not received two doses of the vaccine in the past – or who are unsure – should speak to their GP. There’s no harm in receiving an additional dose if there is any uncertainty.

Students are also asked to remain alert to measles, which can include cold-like symptoms, sore red eyes, a high temperature or a red-brown blotchy rash. Those experiencing symptoms should seek medical attention, but phone ahead before visiting GP surgeries so arrangements can be made to prevent others from being infected. Those who have been in close contact with someone who has measles should also see their GP, if they have not been fully vaccinated (had two doses of the MMR vaccine) or haven’t had the infection before – particularly those who are immunosuppressed, pregnant or infants.

Two doses of MMR vaccine are routinely provided as part of the NHS Childhood Immunisation Programme in England. Uptake is now high with more than 90% of children receiving 1 dose of the vaccine by 2 years of age, but uptake of the vaccine was lower at the time the majority of current university students were offered the vaccine as children.  

Public Health England has published a blog on the avoidable health threats every student should know about.  Keep an eye on their Twitter account  - @PHE_UK – and Facebook page ‘Public Health England’ for further advice.

If you develop any of these symptoms, it is important that you stay away from other people to avoid passing on any infection and that you phone your doctor for advice rather than attend the surgery in person.

The NHS offers further information about measles and vaccinations.

Information on registering with a doctor (GP) and staying well can be found on our wellbeing pages.



If you want to talk through progress issues, your plans and hopes and the support you need as we come towards the end of the academic year, please book an appointment with one of Student Advisers. You can book an appointment through Sussex Direct or call in and we will book an appointment for you.

Summary of the Student Life Centre's Student Evaluation Report 2014/15

The Student Life Centre surveyed users of the service to help assess how we are meeting our objectives and to identify areas for improvement.



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Student Life Centre, Bramber House, University of Sussex, BN1 9QU

To book an appointment

You can book an appointment through your Sussex Direct page. If you click on the 'Study' tab you will find an option to select 'Student Life' then 'Student Life Centre', by clicking here you will be able to book yourself in for an appointment to suit your timetable.

You can also book by email:

by phone:

01273 876767

Or in person at the Student Life Centre, Bramber House, Monday to Friday 9-5pm

Important Information for Students

Sexual Assault: Important Information for Students

Hardship Funding Applications

The way in which Hardship Applications are made has changed.

To make an application you will log in using your ITS Username and password and submit your form online. This allows some information to pre-populate making it easier to fill out the form and ensuring we have all the information we need.

Once your application is submitted you will receive an email detailing what supporting documentation is required. Please respond to this request within 30 days of submitting your application otherwise your application will be withdrawn.

For further information and how to apply please visit:

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Student Life Centre Budget planner

The Student Life Centre Budget planner has been specifically designed to help Students at Sussex (or for Students who plan to come to Sussex) manage their money more effectively.

If you need assistance completing this, or want help with budgeting you can make an appointment with one of our student funding coordinators who will be happy to see you for a 1:1 budgeting session.  Appointments can be booked through Sussex Direct.