Finance Division

Policies and procedures

Regulations and associated policies and guidance

Financial Regulations [PDF 714.60KB]

Financial Delegations Policy [PDF 534.25KB]

Value for Money Policy [PDF 219.57KB]Introduction to Value for Money [PDF 246.51KB] and Value for Money in Day to Day Purchasing - Staff Guide [PDF 179.53KB]

Anti-Facilitation of Tax Evasion Policy [PDF 167.80KB]

Counter Fraud Policy and Financial Irregularities Initial Report [DOCX 29.90KB]

Finance Systems Access Policy [PDF 274.29KB]

Virements Policy [PDF 156.17KB]

Non Audit Services performed by Auditors

Purchasing policies

Procurement and Purchasing Policy [PDF 835.61KB] 

University Expenditure Guide - staff hospitality, travel, working away from base, subscriptions [PDF 255.72KB]

University Expenditure Guide re third parties (students, visitors, research participants, recruitment) [PDF 171.04KB]

Guidance on Working with Charities [PDF 128.71KB]

Off-Payroll Working Policy [PDF 185.89KB]

Modern Slavery Act Statement [PDF 141.35KB]

Policies for students

Additional Costs Policy [PDF 132.75KB]

Student Debt Recovery Policy [PDF 128.84KB]

Fee Liability Policy [PDF 157.80KB]

Treasury Policies

Socially Responsible Investment Management Policy [PDF 73.16KB]

Policies related to bringing in income

Anti-Money Laundering Policy [PDF 183.59KB]

Donations Policy

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Policy [PDF 274.22KB]

Project policies

Policy on Estates and IT Project Budget Costs [PDF 123.96KB]

Policy on the Management and use of Contingency in Estates and IT Projects [PDF 149.83KB]