Sussex Estates and Facilities

Parking passes and permits

All parking permits and passes remain the property of the University and may be rescinded at any time.

Any staff that are authorised to be on campus during the University closure will need to display their current parking permit while parked.

Staff that are authorised to be on campus but do not already possess a parking permit or pass-to-park can request a temporary parking permit from the Transport Office (subject to availability), following approval from their Head of School or Department. The Transport Office will then contact the staff member directly with information on how to collect their permit.

The Transport Office must receive e-mail confirmation directly from the Head of School or Department to approve a permit, sent to C-type pass-to-park holders will not need to display a scratchcard to park on site once approved.

Parking permits are issued to staff and eligible students who pay upfront or via monthly salary deduction. Displaying a valid permit in the windscreen of your vehicle entitles you park in campus car parks. Permits must be displayed foil-side up with the expiry date visible.

A pass to park is issued free of charge to staff. This must be displayed together with a valid daily scratchcard, purchased in books of ten from certain campus outlets.

Please take care not to misplace your permit, such as when changing between vehicles or submitting your car for maintenance, as you must physically display it when parked on campus to avoid receiving a ticket.

University payrolled staff

Payment for A-type permits is made via monthly salary deduction at the rate of £30 per month, at a total cost of £360 per year pro-rata.

A C-type pass-to-park is issued for free to be displayed alongside paid scratchcards, available in books of ten at the rate of £2.50 per day.

Staff can apply by logging onto Sussex Direct. Select the “Personal” tab and navigate to “Transport”. Please check that the information on your vehicle(s) is up to date, and apply or renew as instructed.

Associate Tutors, Doctoral Tutors, and Zero Hours staff should apply via the appropriate form.

Applications for 2020/21 will open later this year.

For University staff with a disability or mobility issue, contact Occupational Health regarding a disabled parking permit. Staff that hold a government-issued disabled Blue Badge are exempt from parking charges, and do not need a permit.

Up to five vehicles may be registered on a single parking permit. University staff (including IDS and BSMS staff) can register vehicles on Sussex Direct. All other permit holders will need to contact the Transport Office to add or change vehicles registered to a permit. Please note that the physical permit must be moved between vehicles, and displayed when parked on campus. Any vehicle not displaying a valid permit or pass is liable to receive a Parking Charge Notice (PCN).

Non-University staff

For third party campus staff not on University payroll, please liaise with your Line Manager or head of department, who will submit an application to the Transport Office on your behalf.

This includes Sussex Estates and Facilities (SEF), SussexFood, the Students' Union, StudyGroup, and the Health Centre. The Innovation Centre manages parking internally, and is not managed by the Transport Office.

Institude for Development Studes (IDS) and Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS) staff can apply via Sussex Direct via the above process.

Eligible students for campus parking

Disabled students that hold a government-issued disabled Blue Badge are exempt from parking charges, and do not need a permit. Disabled students who do not qualify for a Blue Badge can apply for a parking permit via the Student Support Unit. Standard parking fees apply.

For students and staff that wish to apply for a Carer Scheme parking permit for 2019/20, complete and submit the provided form from 1 August 2019 to the Parking Panel.

Student permits for the Bridge Car Park

All students (excluding first year students living on campus) are eligible to apply for a parking permit for the Bridge car park. The cost for an annual permit is a one-off payment of £360, which will be made upon the collection of your permit. Submit the provided form directly the Transport Office to apply.

If you have any queries regarding your parking permit or pass to park, please contact the Transport Office