Information for new members of staff

Welcome to Sussex! Here’s a quick guide of everything you need to know to get you started.

Your username

You have a Sussex username, which is a few letters and numbers, for example ano123. Collect these details over the phone. Please change your password as soon as possible to something more memorable.

You should use this username to log in to most Sussex systems, including your email account. Some systems will just ask for your username, others will require that you add Do not log in using your email address, this generally won’t work.

If you need to access Oracle and/or Cognos, your manager should have requested this for you before you arrived. You’ll receive an email explaining how to log into these systems.

Your email account

Your Sussex email address can be accessed on the Outlook app, online via webmail or on an Android device or iPhone/iPad. Emails sent from this address carry the same authority as letters sent on University letter headed paper, which you must be mindful of.

Log into your email account using your usual username and password (e.g.

Sussex only support the Outlook mail client. When you need to add your Sussex account to a device or computer, use the account type Outlook. Your device should find all the other settings automatically.

You may also need to access a shared email inbox (sometimes called a “role-based account”). Make sure you’ve been given the account details (grp username and password) before attempting to add this to Outlook. Here’s a guide on how to do that.

Useful contacts

IT assistance

IT Services can assist with a number of IT-related enquiries. They also look after the student side of Canvas and Turnitin. You can call, raise a support ticket or visit the Service Desk in person (depending on Covid-19 restrictions) in Shawcross for help.

Canvas, Panopto and a range of training for Academic and Professional Services staff

Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) provide training courses for academic and administrative staff.
They are the first point of contact for staff enquiries regarding Canvas and Panopto.

Website and staff profiles

Digital and Creative Media can help with website enquiries as well as assisting with your online staff profile questions.

The Finance System

The Finance Division look after Unit 4 and all things finance related. Please contact the Finance Service Desk directly for support.


MyView is a secure online space to view your payslips. You log into this with your Sussex username and password. If you can't login, contact ITS. For all other questions, please contact HR.

Staff development

Learn Upon is an online training space that is maintained by Organisational Development. Please get in touch with them if you require help.

Student enquiries

Does a student need help? The Student Hub is a great online resource for general advice and has guides on how to submit via Canvas and Turnitin.

Cyber security

Working for a University means that cyber-criminals see you as a valuable target. Attacks and campaigns can be clever and persuasive, often pretending to be government agencies, senior colleagues or IT Services.

Read our top security tips here.

We have introduced a spam filtering system called Mimecast to all students and staff at Sussex. Make sure you are familiar with this system and how to get the most from it.

File Storage

OneDrive and Box are online cloud storage solutions provided by the University.

  • OneDrive is recommended for your own work files. This is available to both staff and students.
  • Box is for staff use only and recommended for collaborative working, because you can set co-owners for folders (so folders don’t get lost when a colleague leaves) and you can share files with external contacts.
    If you are an owner of a file in Box, remember to always set a co-owner.

We also have older file systems maintained by IT Services called the N Drive (Home Share) for your work files and the G Drive (Group Share) for your team’s files. Staff are being advised to move their files into OneDrive and Box, rather than using these folders.

If you need access to a G Drive folder, your manager would have requested this for you before you arrived. You can access this on your PC using the File Explorer. If you can’t see this, try restarting your PC before calling IT Services.

Research teams have access to dedicated research storage.


Your PC should already be connected to our MFDs (campus-wide printers) and you’ll see a printer called UoS_Secure_Print when you go to print a document.

You’ll be emailed a printing pin which you will need to release your print jobs. If you don’t have this pin, contact IT Services as it may be that your manager did not request this. More information on printing at Sussex here.

You’ll also see your staff printing account going into a minus figure after printing. This is nothing to be concerned about, it’s just a record for the University to see how much you’re spending.


All training sessions organised by IT Services are available to staff and students, including some staff-only topics.

TEL can also provide training for Canvas, Panopto and more. Suitable for academics and school office administrators.

Hybrid Meeting Rooms

There are a number of dedicated Teams Rooms across the campus, with large screens and high definition cameras and microphones. These rooms have been designed to facilitate hybrid meetings, where some staff are on campus and others are working from home or another location.

We have guidance documents and training videos to help you use these rooms effectively.

Your Staff PC, Software and Your Own Devices

You may be provided with a Sussex desktop computer or laptop. If this doesn’t already have the software installed that you need to work, please check the Software Centre to install the application you need.

If you need a new laptop or phone, please see our guidance to order new equipment.

You can also download some software on your own devices, including Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud.

You can connect your own device to the campus WiFi or Wired network. This network is called eduroam.

Working from Home

Please see our dedicated Working From Home pages.

You can access Box and OneDrive files easily from home, and use Outlook to access your email.

If you need to use Yellow Forms (the Oracle Database) for your work, please see this guide for accessing it from home.

If you work in finance, you’ll need a VPN key fob to secure your connection. This can be requested at IT Services.

Staff discounts

Some companies offer software at reduced prices for University of Sussex staff. Find out more here.

You can also get staff discounts on brands such as Apple, M&S, Virgin Media, Currys, Sainsbury’s and Expedia. More information on that here.

Staff IT booklet and introductory videos

cover of the guide book Information technology at SussexInformation technology at Sussex
The IT guide for staff (PDF version)

Advice about where to save your filesWhere to save files
Using Box, OneDrive and the University N and G Drives.

video screenshot showing additional calendars in OutlookOther calendars
Video: adding shared calendars to Outlook

video screenshot showing password changeChanging your password
Video: how to change your password.

video screenshot showing Sussex directSussex Direct
Sussex Direct: manage your personal information

video screenshot showing software installationInstall extra software
Video: getting additional applications

video screenshot showing webmail login screenUsing the database (yellow forms)
Video: update information in the central University records

video screenshot showing signature setup screenSet up a signature
Video: set your email signature in Outlook for version 2013 - Office 365

Staying safe online

Top 10 Security Tips

Keep your personal and professional data secure with our security tips.

Working from home

Quick links for staff

Business applications
The central database, web forms, Agresso and other business systems.

Sussex Direct
Manage personal information such as your telephone extension, room number, parking permit, library access and teaching tasks.

AV Support in teaching rooms (call 8022)

New starter. Request an account for a new member of staff

Your staff computer.

Request new computer equipment.

Mobile devices.

The annual software review.

Training from ITS.

Use room-based videoconferencing or set up a conference from your desk.

Updated on 26 January 2022