Student Computer Rooms

Blue computer=Computer room Room, Red computer=24 Hour Computer Room, Green MFD = Student printer
For directions to a cluster room, tap a room icon and then find the Navigation icon.
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York House, Park Village and Northfield are no longer available

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Using a Mac

There are a small number of Macs available in the computer room in Shawcross. These are provided for students who prefer to use Macs.

See our how to guides for more information on using Mac computers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using student PCs

Log on
Once you've found a free PC in one of the rooms on campus, log on with your IT Services username and password. You might need to press a key to wake the PC from sleep and wait 10-20 seconds for the PC to connect to the network.

Be considerate
Show consideration for your fellow students by avoiding personal browsing at busy times and logging off if you're going to leave a PC for more than a few minutes.

Use headphones
Most PCs on the campus don't have built-in speakers but you can plug in your own headphones to listen to audio.

Updated on 03 June 2019