As a member of Sussex, you have free access to over 16,000 courses that cover a huge range of topics from Word to Photoshop as well as skills such as critical thinking and interview skills. Earn badges which will appear on your LinkedIn page and attract employers.

The sessions aim to introduce features, or a series of features, to complete a task. Sessions titles include Word - Using Automatic Table of Contents, Excel Pivot Tables, Box - Getting to grips with Box file storage.

New to Sussex? watch our top 10 courses for new students

Once you've set up your free LinkedIn Learning account, here are some recommended courses for new students:

Download the LinkedIn Learning app

If you're bored of scrolling social media and want to learn whilst on the go, download the LinkedIn Learning app from your Apple App or Google Play store. (Make sure you select LinkedIn Learning and not just LinkedIn)

You can store videos offline so you can build new skills even when you're not connected to the internet.


Most popular courses at Sussex


LinkedIn Learning quality videos on a range of subject, eg Microsoft, Adobe.

ITS Training on Canvas hosts links to webinar recordings & other training resources.

Using Zoom and Pantopo and Zoom in Lecture Theatres

Skills Hub

A website showing you all the resources at Sussex that can help you to develop your skills:

Updated on 2 August 2023