Staff computers

If you a buying a new computer with University funds, it should be purchased via IT Services.

Ordering equipment

Users generally receive a standard laptop. This basic system (including operating system, Microsoft Office, virus checker, firewall plus additional software) applies to both PC and Mac-based systems.

  • If you just need a standard Windows or Apple laptop, or a mobile phone, please complete the Hardware Request Form (under Service Request. You may be asked to log in). The specifications of the devices are on the form, along with the options to order peripherals.
  • If you need a different device from those listed, for example a desktop computer, please raise a general support request and describe the specification you need. Our staff will get back to you about what systems are available, cost etc.
  • For additional information please see the Procurement and Purchasing policy

Standard software

Additional software

Users of Windows PCs can also install additional software on demand:

  • click on the Windows Start button, then All Programs
  • click on Install applications
  • choose the Program you want to install and click Run

Specialised software

Sometimes you may need to use specialised software such as programs particular to your subject area, or a device driver for a non-standard piece of equipment.

If you are familiar with installing software on your own computer, and you have checked to make sure the special software is not already available, then you can install this special software yourself. First you will need to request the ability to do this by completing the following form.

This will give you local administration rights on your computer, so you can install the additional software.

Order a new PC

  • Order computers & equipment.
    You will be asked to log in, then you should click Request a Service, and then one of the New Hardware Request buttons.

Power saving

Should I turn off my staff PC when I go home?
It's best not to turn your PC off. Just log out.

Updated on 19 January 2022