Staff at Sussex can set up or participate in virtual meetings using videoconferencing. As well as offering environmental benefits, videoconferencing facilities can be used where individuals face travel restrictions or as a routine means to contact colleagues in distant locations.

The following options are currently available:

  1. Web-based videoconferencing from your desk
  2. Room-based videoconferencing

1. Web-based videoconferencing from your desk

Adobe Connect

Members of staff can attend or host virtual meetings and collaborative seminars with colleagues using the AdobeConnect service installed at Sussex. Provided you have a headset with microphone and Flash player on your computer, you can gain access to the service using a web browser. If you have a webcam, you can also use the video functions.

There is no need to register for the service — members of staff can simply login with their normal username and password. Some of the other features of Adobe Connect:

  • the service is available from your desk so there's no need to book facilities
  • participants can join the conference from anywhere provided they have a web browser with Flash Player installed and access to the internet
  • attendees can share documents and draw on shared whiteboards to help exchange ideas
  • meetings can be recorded and viewed later by people who were been unable to attend
  • although sessions must be hosted by a member of Sussex staff, you can invite anyone to attend by sending them a link to the meeting

Three teaching rooms in the Fulton Building are specifically equipped with camera and microphone hardware to support the use of Adobe Connect Pro within Teaching & Learning. If you wish to extend your seminars to a 'virtual' audience worldwide, you should specify your requirement for Fulton 104, 201 or 203 during the room-booking process. Further details.


The voice and video call software Skype can also be used to conduct small virtual meetings from your own desktop. You will need to create a basic Skype account which enables you to make individual or group calls for free to other Skype members. Some services, such as calling regular landlines, require payment.

Joining a Janet v-scene videoconference from your desktop/laptop

It is also possible to join (from your Windows desktop/laptop) a hardware-based videoconference which someone else is organising, using the Janet v-scene software client.

You will need to advise the videoconference organiser that you want to be invited as a desktop guest. Once the organiser has arranged their videoconference to include you as a guest, you will receive an email with a link to a small piece of software to download (just once) with a link to join the conference itself.

Use a headset
Even if your machine has a built-in microphone and speakers, it's a good idea to use a USB plug-in headset mic to avoid looping audio feedback.

For full details see:

2. Room-based videoconferencing

There are also hardware-based videoconferencing facilities available to staff on University business. Our systems are suitable for connecting to other sites which use a compatible IP-to-IP system.

  • Jubilee Large Lecture Theatre - (Polycom). Seats 500
  • Jubilee 144 Lecture Theatre - (Polycom). Seats 60.


  • standards-based (H323) quality visuals and sound
  • several people can participate from the Sussex endpoint at the same time
  • less disruptive to office colleagues
  • multipoint bridging available via Janet v-scene
  • you can invite desktop participants to join in via Janet v-scene

NB: some remote videoconferencing suites use a different communication method, based on the ISDN protocol. If you need to communicate with a facility somewhere else in the world which uses the ISDN-based system, it is usually possible to use the Janet v-scene bridging service to establish the link.

To use the Jubilee facilities please book the theatre(s) first via Room Bookings and then follow the step-by-step instructions available online and in both theatres:

Regular users should register in advance with the Janet v-scene. This enables you to book and manage your conferences online, with automated dialling/connection, multiple endpoint & ISDN bridging, and phone support for all pre-booked conferences.

You can even use the service to invite desktop participants who don't have access to a hardware codec. Please check the Janet v-scene service for full details.

Help and further information
Call us for help and advice with videoconferencing:


Monday-Friday 9.00am-5.30pm
(call 01273 678022 if not using an internal phone)

Updated on 29 August 2018