Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is part of the Microsoft 365 family that offers workspace chat and videoconferencing, file storage, and application integration.


Getting started

Microsoft Teams is a virtual workspace where you can chat, meet and collaborate with your colleagues. Unlike some other chat platforms, it is also GDPR compliant meaning all your data and messages are stored securely.

This video shows some of the key features of Microsoft Teams:


Why you should use Teams

you can request a team for your department

A workspace with your colleagues

You can request a Team for your department, division or school. If you’re a member of a Team, you are part of a single chat room with everyone else in that Team.

You can add files to a Team that will become available to all members to open, edit and save.

You can work on Office files together with colleagues, live within Teams. There are a range of tools to make this easy and to improve collaboration.

teams conforms to GDPR legislation

GDPR compliant and secure

Your work is stored securely, under the same agreement that covers our other Microsoft products. This means that files and chats with other members of the University are GDPR compliant.

Many other chat platforms are not compliant. If you use these, you may expose the University to risk of legal action. ITS provides guidance for which chat and collaboration platforms to use for your University work.

Chat to one or many people

Private chat with one or many people

It provides a simple chat interface to chat to one or many people at once.

voice or video calls

Voice and video chat

You can start a call or video chat with one or many people.

screen sharing

Share your screen

Easily demonstrate something on your own computer or device.

install on almost any device

Get Teams on your computers and devices

You can install it on your work computer and almost any other device (PC or Apple computer, Android or iOS phone or tablet). You don’t need help from ITS to do this. Stay as connected as you want, and work from whichever device you want.

work anywhere in the world

Stay connected, work anywhere

Wherever you are, you can start live chats with colleagues, access any files that have been uploaded into Teams and collaborate on documents.

How to install Teams

You don’t need any special permissions from IT to do this.

  • Windows PC or a Mac - visit the Teams Download page and select the 'Teams for work or school' option. Download the installer and open it.
  • Phone or tablet - visit the Google Play or Apple App store and search for Microsoft Teams.
  • Linux - a client is in development. You can use the online version of Microsoft Teams via with the same functionality as the desktop app.

Log in using your Sussex email address - (e.g. You’ll see a familiar Sussex login page, where you should enter your Sussex username and password.

How to request a Team

If you would like a dedicated Team to collaborate with your colleagues, you will need to request one from the IT Service Desk by raising a 'Request a Service' ticket. Please let us know the purpose for the Team.

Find out more

Please visit our Teams support page for more tips and tricks.

Alternatively, why not take a look on Linkedin Learning.


Updated on 6 September 2023