We provide software for computers in offices and cluster rooms as well as applications you can install on your own computer. We also manage licence and purchasing agreements for most of the software used on campus.

Your own computer

If you're a student, researcher or member of staff, you can install some software packages on your own computer.

University computers

Student computers in cluster rooms

The software on student computers is reviewed annually and updated in the summer vacation:

Staff computers

New staff computers currently have the following software as standard:

Software Hub

The Software Hub allows you to use programs on demand. It is available on Windows computers across campus, Sussex laptops and on your personally owned computer, with a University of Sussex login.

Remote access

There are also some systems for which can be used remotely and these have different sets of software:

Software review

The software available at Sussex is reviewed every year to identify new requirements and check that existing programs are still in use.

Software search

Search for software used at Sussex:

or use the quick links:

Updated on 6 October 2023