Install Windows 10 for FREE

While you are a student at Sussex, you can install a free copy of Windows 10 or 11 Education edition on your home computer.

To download and install Windows 10 or 11 Education edition, please follow this link to OnTheHub.

Windows 10 and 11 Education is provided under a license agreement for current Sussex students - please ensure that you read and understand the license agreement before you install this software. You can find the license information on this page - look for the "Windows 10 Education - Student Use Benefit" announcement.

You will need to sign in with your Sussex username and password, and then add Windows 10 or 11 Education to your shopping basket before completing checkout.

If you need any guidance or support for this product, please see the help page for OnTheHub, or contact the providers - Kivuto. IT Services is unable to provide support for the installation of Windows 10 or 11 onto your own computer.

bitlockerImproved file security - use Bitlocker

Windows 10 Education edition includes Bitlocker, a feature while encrypts your files and keeps them secure if your computer is lost, stolen or otherwise accessed by other people.

You should set up Bitlocker on your device after you install Windows 10 or 11 Education - this will significantly improve the security of your files and personal data.

For information about setting up Bitlocker, please see this page. If you see an error that "your administrator must set a system policy option" when you activate Bitlocker, you may have a computer without a Trusted Platform Module. In that case, please follow these instructions.

Updated on 21 September 2023