Microsoft Azure Dev Tools

Azure Dev Tools for Teaching is a Microsoft initiative to support technical education, allowing students and teaching staff to download a range of fully licenced development tools and software for free.

DreamSpark poster of a student working on a laptop with the title I live to code

Students and teaching staff can browse a selection of useful development tools and install them onto personally-owned devices. The software available includes:

  • Visual Studio Professional
  • Windows Server
  • SQL Server
  • Expressions
  • Visual Studio Ultimate
  • Windows
  • Visio
  • Sharepoint server

Licence restrictions

Software you download from Azure Dev Tools for Teaching is fully licenced but there are some conditions on its use. Please make sure you are aware of the restrictions by reading this page.

This FAQ is helpful to understand the terms for software downloaded as part of the programme..

Get started

Go to Azure Dev Tools
  • Click the button to log in to Azure Dev Tools
  • Login with your Sussex username (followed by and password
  • Accept the terms set out on the next page

You can then browse the products that are available and download the ones you need.

Change of name

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools was formerly known as Imagine, and before that as Dreamspark. The name was changed Azure Dev Tools in February 2019.

Updated on 19 February 2019