University file storage

All staff and students at Sussex have an allocation of 50GB file space in your Home Share (N Drive). These files are backed up daily.


On Windows desktop PCs on the campus, your personal files are generally stored in your Home Share (N Drive). This includes your Documents, Desktop and Downloads folders

This is sometimes referred to as the N drive or Home Share.

Mac users

On the IT Services Macs in the Library or Shawcross you also have access to your Home Share (N Drive) - this is the same file space you access from PCs. To find it, launch Finder and look for the home location with your IT username (e.g. ano23).

Staff Macs don't always follow the same pattern - if you don't have a home directory labelled with your username, you will need to connect to it manually.


Group directories

Staff also use group directories for files that need to be shared with other people. Access can be restricted to designated teams or groups. On most campus PCs, any group folders to which you have access will be shown under the G: drive.

Access to staff G: drives from Macs

For information on how to connect to staff N: and G: drives from a Mac, please see our FAQ:


Free online storage

All students and staff have free access to one terabyte (1TB) of cloud storage with Microsoft Office 365.


Staff have access to cloud storage via Box

Your Sussex files

You can access your files using a web browser. Download or upload files without having to install or configure any software.

  • Home Share
    (N drive)
    Your Documents, Desktop and other files you see when you login to a Sussex computer
  • Group files
    (G drive)
    Shared staff files used by groups and departments

Updated on 27 April 2021