Staff and research students at Sussex can store an unlimited amount of files and data by logging on to with a University account.

If you use Box, you should install Box Drive on your work computer.

Using Box

To use Box with your Sussex login:

  • in a web browser, such as Chrome or Internet Explorer, go to
  • click the CONTINUE button
  • enter your username followed by (for example and password and click Sign in

You should then see a home page with a couple of default folders (see Getting started).

Getting started

The first time you login you should see two folders:

Getting started with Box
This contains useful information and resources on how to use If you go into this folder and then choose Get started, you will see a series of short video introductions that give you a quick briefing on the service and how to use it.

This folder is the best place to store files and folders you want to share with other people.

You can create other folders of your own to store files you're working on.

Navigating folders

When you first start using Box, it's easy to find the files and folders you're looking for. But as you accumulate more files, you can use these tips to find your way around:

Favourite files
A useful feature is to mark a file as a favourite - find it in your file list and then click the options icon (three dots in a box) and choose Favorite. Your favourite files are shown in a handy list on the right-hand side.

Favourite files in box

Click into the search bar at the top of the Box page to look for keywords in files and filenames.

Searching for files in box

Quick intro

Introductory video
Short video covering the basics (3m 34s).

Box Drive

Make the most of Box by installing Box Drive
Make Box available as a folder on your work PC.

Help & support

Login problems
If you're having trouble logging on to with your Sussex details, click the red button below, login and choose General enquiry:

Other issues
If you have questions about using the service, the best place to go for help is the online Box Community. You can browse or search for information or register if you want to ask questions or make comments.

Desktop tools

Box offer several tools to make it easier to connect to files from your computer.

Updated on 27 April 2021