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Achievement and Development Reviews (formerly Appraisals)

Everything that you need to prepare for Achievement and Development Reviews.

After a comprehensive evaluation of the annual staff appraisal process, the new Achievement and Development Reviews have been developed in collaboration with a range of stakeholders from across our University community. The new process aims to bring consistency and clarity to how staff are being reviewed and supported during their time at Sussex. 

Key Points

  • Everyone who works at Sussex should have an annual Achievement and Development Review (ADR) and use the relevant ADR form to record agreed objectives and actions. The form is intended to be a live document that is reviewed throughout the year.
  • An ADR conversation should be followed up throughout the year, ideally 3-4 times, to check in on progress and development, and to ensure that support needs are being met.
  • All ADR conversations should include a review of the past, looking ahead to the future, and a discussion around development, wellbeing and EDI considerations. 
  • It is assumed that the vast majority of the University Leadership Team will use the Professional Services ADR Form due to the nature of their roles, however Academic ADR Forms are available too.

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LinkedIn Learning for ADRs

These LinkedIn Learning pathways will help you to prepare for ADRs, either as a reviewer or a reviewee. Please feel free to browse and complete anything that feels relevant to you:

Preparing for Achievement and Development Reviews - for Reviewers

Preparing for your Achievement and Development Review - for Reviewees

ADR Summary Returns

All Schools and Divisions are required to return their ADR completion summary data annually to HR. Heads of Schools and Divisions will receive email reminders before the end of the annual review periods. For more information regarding summary returns, please refer to the ADR guidance resources.