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Planning your development

There are a range of professional development opportunities available to Sussex staff, including job shadowing, mentoring, the staff apprenticeships scheme, and annual achievement and development reviews.

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Looking for support from the OD team?

If you are a manager or leader and looking for support with learning and development for your team, complete this OD support request form to give details of the situation and expected outcomes, and a member of the OD team will be in touch within 5 working days.

Career Development

Take some time to consider your own career development. Whether you are thinking that you need to start your career planning afresh or just need some support to reach your career goals, we have some tips on Career Guidance for Individuals.

What is holding back your career development?  This article identifies four common career development challenges for you to reflect on. 

What is a squiggly career?

Career development consultants Sarah Ellis and Helen Tupper defined a squiggly career as a career that isn't defined by climbing the corporate ladder but as fluid, taking many different paths. The key characteristics of a squiggly career include change, uncertainty, and possibility. A squiggly career allows you to be in control and have more freedom and flexibility in your job. In this TED talk, they argue why squiggly careers are better for everyone.