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Job Shadowing Scheme

Learn more about job shadowing at the University and how to get involved.

The Sussex Job Shadowing scheme promotes the sharing of knowledge, good practice and collaboration across the University and offers staff insights into new roles and responsibilities.

What is job shadowing?

Job shadowing is a short placement where you observe the work of a member of staff in another team or department. It is an opportunity to gain insight into a specific role or a particular area of work that interests you. It can also be an opportunity to work alongside more experienced colleagues (including colleagues within your own department) so that you can learn and develop within your current role.

Can I take part in job shadowing?

The scheme is available to all University of Sussex Professional Services and Technical Staff who have successfully completed their probation and/or have been employed by the University for a minimum of 12 months. Nominees must have also been performing satisfactorily in their normal role.

For more information on job shadowing at Sussex, please see our brochure below.

Job Shadowing application and feedback forms

Job shadowing application

Job shadowing evaluation form (guest) 

Job shadowing evaluation form (host)

Benefits of Job Shadowing

Develop new skills

Take ownership of your self-development and broaden your experience and skillset.

Job shadowing also provides opportunities for the host to develop as a coach and mentor.


Meet new people and grow your professional network.  

Widen your experience

Test possible career options by learning about other areas of work. 


Job shadowing improves inter-departmental communication and encourages collaboration.


“Although I often write research news stories for the SPRU website, I was intrigued as to the additional processes involved in writing and distributing a piece for external media.

I also wanted to learn more about the work of the media team, and to build working relationships with its staff.”

Katherine Davies
Research Impact Officer (BMEc)

Job shadowing host: James Hakner, Senior Communications Manager (External Relations)