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Information on Covid-19 coronavirus

The University of Sussex is closely monitoring the situation regarding Covid-19 coronavirus and is taking all appropriate measures, as directed by Public Health England (PHE).

There are no reported cases of Covid-19 on the University of Sussex campus.

PHE has not asked the University to put in place any special measures or to change the running of the institution, so the campus continues to be open as usual.

As you would expect, the University is stringently planning for a variety of scenarios. This work is being led by senior members of staff, and sponsored by the Vice-Chancellor, and is focused on the safety and wellbeing of our community.

To date, the University has:

  • Followed all official guidance and disseminated all relevant information and advice to staff, students and visitors
  • Established a senior-level Covid-19 working group, to monitor developments, prepare and action the University’s response
  • Cancelled any University travel to affected regions, in line with the latest advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)

All students, staff and visitors to our campus should continue to follow official guidance, which you can find here:

  • For health advice, visit the NHS
  • For the government’s response, visit PHE
  • For information on travel, visit the FCO

We will of course communicate at the earliest opportunity if there are any significant developments to share with our community. This page will be updated as and when information becomes available and you can see the guidance we have been sharing with students here.

We ask that we all continue to support each other during this time, particularly our students from overseas who are feeling a long way from home at the moment, and at times vulnerable.

It is vital at a time of worry and concern that we always show our full support through our words and our behaviours. 

The University will take action wherever there is evidence of prejudicial behaviours towards members of its community.

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By: James Hakner
Last updated: Monday, 9 March 2020