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University of Sussex top in UK for energy economics, second for innovation

The University of Sussex’s School of Business, Management and Economics has been ranked the top institution in the UK for research in energy economics and has come in at second place for innovation.

The new rankings by Research Papers in Economics (RePEc) place the School at third in Europe and 14th in the world for energy economics, and at 20th in Europe and 32nd in the world for innovation.

Energy expertise runs through the School’s three component departments – Business and Management, Economics, and the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU).

SPRU, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2016, is particularly renowned for its faculty’s expertise in innovation, beating institutions such as UCL, MIT and Stanford in this ranking.

RePEc, the global index of research in economics, considered 2,421 institutions for their latest energy economics ranking and 7,310 for innovation, placing Sussex well within the world’s top one per cent in both cases.

The lists are based on data held by RePEc about authors registered to its service, bibliographic information and citation analysis. 

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By: James Hakner
Last updated: Friday, 13 January 2017

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