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New book offers alternative interpretation of iconic Rainbow Portrait & challenges myths of Elizabethan England

18 October 2019

A book by a Sussex Professor offers a new interpretation of the iconic Rainbow Portrait of Elizabeth I.

The Power of Song: Why your doctor should be prescribing choir practice

17 October 2019

GPs should prescribe participation in communal singing activities to patients to raise self-esteem and overcome loneliness.

“You don’t need a degree in internet technology to use it”

16 October 2019

Transformative Technology winners of the 2019 Education Awards describe how they have enhanced the learning experience for their students.

Banning out-of-hours email likely to be harmful to some employees

15 October 2019

Company bans on workers’ accessing emails after office hours could do more harm than good to employee wellbeing, a new study suggests.

On the trail of Annie Brassey

11 October 2019

Sussex researcher explores the vast archives of a celebrated 19th century female photographer, traveller and writer.

Meaningful evening paints vibrant picture of Sussex music and launches new music recording studio in style

11 October 2019

Alumni, staff and students came together this week to honour the memory and music of the much-loved Professor of Music Jonathan Harvey.

Nominations now welcome for new round of honorary degrees

11 October 2019

Current and former staff and students are being asked for their help in selecting a new round of honorary degrees and fellowships.

University of Sussex Business School awarded EQUIS accreditation

11 October 2019

The University of Sussex Business School has taken its place among an exclusive group of just 1% of business schools around the globe.

Financial crises cause one-step forward, two steps back when it comes to air quality

11 October 2019

New research has revealed that any initial reduction in air pollution caused by a financial crisis, is unexpectedly short-lived.

Sussex PhD student creates musical instrument featured in the soundtracks of Joker and Chernobyl

10 October 2019

A PhD student at the University of Sussex has invented an eerie-sounding musical instrument, the halldorophone, heard on the soundtrack to Joker.

Items 1 to 10 of 1794

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