Learning, Memory and Plasticity Group

People and contacts

Members of the Learning, Memory and Plasticity Group

Paul Benjamin

Paul Benjamin at work

'We aim to understand the adaptive role of temporary lapses of recall in memory consolidation'

Prof. Paul Benjamin
Professor of Neuroscience

George Kemenes

George Kemenes at work 

'We look at evolutionarily conserved cellular and molecular mechanisms of memory function and dysfunction in defined neural circuits'

Prof. George Kemenes
Professor of Neuroscience

Ildiko Kemenes

 Ildiko Kemenes at work

'I am interested in the behavioural and physiological processes underlying memory formation and especially what happens during lapses in memory'

 Dr Ildiko Kemenes
Research Fellow

Sergei Korneev

 Sergei Korneev at work

'We investigate the role of long noncoding RNAs in Nitric Oxide (NO)-dependent physiological and pathophysiological processes in the brain'

Dr. Sergei Korneev
Senior Lecturer in Neuroscience

Jeremy Niven

 Jeremy Niven

'I’m interested in how neural circuits in animal brains have evolved in relation to behaviour that they generate and the energy they consume'

Dr Jeremy Niven
Research Fellow

Mick O'Shea

 Michael O'Shea at work

'I look at what  simple neuronal networks can tell us about how the human brain acquires, processes, stores and uses information in generating adaptive behaviour?'

Prof. Michael O'Shea
Professor of Neuroscience

Kevin Staras

Kevin Staras at work 

'We look at synapses - signalling points between brain cells - investigating how they normally work and also change during learning or disease'

Dr. Kevin Staras
Reader in Neuroscience

Thomas NowotnyThomas Nowotny in the lab

'My broad research interests include problems in computational neuroscience, biological and artificial olfaction, hybrid computer-brain experimentation and cognition and learning in brains and machines'

Dr Thomas Nowotny
Reader in Informatics