Learning, Memory and Plasticity Group


A number of systems and preparations are exploited by the group.  Each reflects the view that fundamental questions in neuroscience are most effectively addressed in model systems in which complexity is reduced to a level where fundamental neural functions can be isolated and analysed.  Model systems must be sufficiently simple to allow for cellular and molecular analysis and yet complex enough to further our understand the fundamental mechanisms underlying aspects of behaviour that are ubiquitous.

A wide range of expertise, approaches and powerful technologies is available within the group including:

  • quantitative PCR with single neuron resolution
  • advanced con-focal microscopy and imaging
  • intracellular electrophysiology with Dynamic Clamp capability
  • Multi Electrode Array hardware combined with powerful spike sorting software
  • neuronal and neural network modelling
  • various in vitro preparations for behavioural network analysis
  • hippocampal slice technology for analysing novel features of synaptic transmission
  • in vivo preparations for behavioural and pharmacological analysis of memory formation
  • computational analysis of  neuronal network function and evolution  


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