Accessibility Statement

Elements is run by Symplectic and endeavours to comply with WCAG 2.1 AA standards.

Elements can be used easily by most people, and therefore should:

  • Be mostly navigable with just a keyboard
  • Be clear to read and easy to understand
  • Have minimal reliance upon media and interactive content
  • Zoom most pages to 200% without affecting the readability of the text

Elements conforms to a good level of accessibility across the site, and is easily usable by most people. 

      • Keyboard navigation

        Elements is keyboard navigable

      • Screen reader

        Elements can mostly be used with a screen reader. 

        There are a few issues encountered when using a screen reader with Elements. Although these do not prevent usage of Elements, they do cause some unnecessary barriers.

        Those using a screen reader with a keyboard should set 'My Actions' to list view, whilst those using a cursor should view 'My Actions' as a slider.

      • Tablet & mobile devices

        Elements can be used on a table or mobile device but we advise using a computer for the best experience.

Known issues/areas for improvement

There are a couple of areas that require improvement to ensure Elements has a greater compliance with WCAG 2.1 AA standards.

Symplectic are aware of these issues, and are actively working to address them in future updates.

Known browser support for Elements

Elements supports:

  • Chrome - latest version
  • Edge - latest version
  • Firefox - latest version
  • Safari - latest version

What do I do if I cannot access a part of Elements?

If you have any trouble using parts of Elements, please contact us: