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  • Academic Services

    Academic Services is responsible for providing support for the University’s teaching, learning and research activities through appropriate training, collections and wider engagement. It consists of two sections: Learning and Teaching Support and Research Support. It is managed by the Academic Services Manager, with a Librarian taking responsibility for each area.

    Antony Groves
    Student Experience Senior Manager
    T+44 (0)1273 877632

    Bethany Logan
    Research & Open Scholarship Senior Manager
    T+44 (0)1273 877632

    Learning and Teaching Support (LATS)

    This section is responsible for providing the Library’s learning and teaching support for undergraduates and taught postgraduates

    The Learning and Teaching Support team looks after library provision for students on taught courses - both undergraduate and postgraduate which is mainly managed via our online reading list system. We support students throughout their studies, liaising with academic staff to find the most effective ways to achieve this. It usually involves a combination of lectures and workshops where we cover topics such as effective searching, referencing and finding quality information using the Library’s online resources. We also offer bookable training sessions for students in the Library, tailored to their needs.

    Another important area of our work is answering enquiries, via email, instant messaging and phone. We also provide support for staff on the Information Hub, both through enquiries being referred to us and by providing awareness sessions on the Library’s resources.

    The Learning and Teaching Support team maintain the subject guides and the Library’s information skills guide

    Research Support

    The Research Support team provides a range of services for research staff and doctoral researchers online, in person and through workshops and events.

    Expert services provide guidance on navigating relevant resources, disseminating research and identifying impact. This includes:

    • Using research materials
    • Open research
    • Support for publishing
    • Open access and block grant support
    • Research visibility and metrics
    • Elements research information system

    Support and teaching for research data management, including writing data management plans and sharing data in our data repository, is provided in the Library by Helen Webb and Adam Harwood, who can be contacted at

    The team looks after the Research Hive, a dedicated space for researchers in the Library. Each year we appoint three Research Hive Scholars who support the Sussex doctoral community. You can read about their experiences in their blog.

    Sam Nesbit
    Open Access Librarian
    T+44 (0)1273 877122

  • Collections

    The Collections Team comprises Collection Development, working in the Library on campus, and Special Collections, based at The Keep. In addition, the team includes colleagues working on a long-term project: the BLDS Legacy Collection project. The Collections Team is led by the Collections Manager. You can read more about our work on our blog.  

    Richard Wragg
    Collections Manager
    T+44 (0)1273 877347

    Collection Development

    Collection Development is responsible for managing stock in the Library building. Working closely with our colleagues, we ensure that the Library's printed and digital collections meet the current and future needs of teaching and research. 

    Some examples of our responsibilities include:

    • Implementing, coordinating and developing the Library's Collection Management Policy
    • Managing projects directed by the Collection Management Group, eg. weeding the Core Collection
    • Supervising the ongoing stock review process
    • Developing the use of collection management tools, eg. new ways of providing access to e-books
    • Overseeing the Library's participation in collaborative initiatives, eg. the UKRR project to share the responsibility of retaining low-use print journals.

    Chloe Dobson
    Collection Development Librarian
    T+44 (0)1273 872930

    Special Collections

    Special Collections is responsible for the University's archive and rare book collections, including the institutional archive of the University of Sussex. We work with partners at The Keep to provide access to the collections in the reading room and assist researchers from all over the UK and beyond.

    Some examples of our responsibilities include:

    • the care and preservation of the collections, including digital collections
    • facilitation of teaching sessions using archives and rare books, introducing students to archive handling and archive literacy
    • providing an enquiry service and research support to users of special collections
    • cataloguing archive and rare book collections
    • promoting special collections within the University and through external networks

    Karen Watson
    Special Collections Archivist
    T+44 (0)1273 337511

    BLDS Legacy Collection

    The project team is cataloguing the British Library for Development Studies (BLDS) Legacy Collection. The collection tracks the unfolding story of international development and health systems in the Global South over the last half century. The collection (containing over a million items) is uniquely comprehensive in its coverage of government and official sources, particularly those from sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia between the mid-1960s and mid-1990s.

    The main work of the three-year Wellcome-funded project is to make the diverse, yet interrelated, material accessible through cataloguing, tagging and cross-referencing. The project team also undertake outreach and engagement activities as well as working with researchers wishing to access the collection.

    Caroline Marchant-Wallis
    BLDS Metadata and Discovery Officer
    T+44 (0)1273 877618

    Daniel Millum
    BLDS Metadata and Discovery Officer
    T+44 (0)1273 877618

  • Content Delivery

    This section is led by the Content Delivery Manager. The Content Delivery section comprises the following areas: Acquisitions, Cataloguing, Digital Content, Interlibrary Requests and Metadata and Discovery.

    Annette Moore
    Content Delivery Manager
    T+44 (0)1273 877046

    Digital Content and Learning

    The Digital Content team is managed by the Digital Content Librarian and the Learning and Teaching Librarian and includes Acquisitions, Cataloguing, Digital Content, and Interlibrary Requests. 

    Eleanor Craig
    Digital Content Librarian
    T+44 (0)1273 878159

    Rachel Bramley
    Learning and Teaching Librarian
    T+44 (0)1273 877632

    Metadata and Discovery team

    Tim Haillay
    Metadata and Discovery Officer
    T+44 (0)1273 873500

  • Digital Development and Systems

    This section manages the Library's digital systems, data preservation and digital innovation. The team is led by our Digital Development Manager and includes our Research Data and Digital Preservation Technologist and Systems Librarian. The main responsibility of this team is to work with ITS, Special Collections, Academic Services and the Sussex Humanities Lab, to develop and implement new processes to support the long-term preservation of the University’s research outputs and Special Collections, and to work across Library teams to manage the Library's digital systems.

    Amy Waldron
    Digital Development Manager

    Tim Graves
    Systems Librarian

    Research data management

    This section leads on support for research data, including providing teaching and support on good practice in research data management, writing data management plans for grant applications, and making research data available via the University's research data repository, Sussex Figshare.

    For research data queries please contact:

    Adam Harwood
    Research Data and Digital Preservation Technologist

    Helen Webb
    Research Data Management Librarian

  • Frontline Services

    Frontline Services comprises lending services, administration and building services of the Library. This section is responsible for staffing the Information Hub and reception, ensuring the efficient circulation and availability of stock, library overdues and membership, HR and recruitment, Library communications and building maintenance.

    For general queries please contact:

    Richard Wragg
    Collections Manager
    T+44 (0)1273 877347

    Frontline Services

    The Frontline Services Librarian is responsible for the overall management of lending services. 

    Sean Goddard
    Frontline Services Librarian
    T+44 (0)1273 873511

  • Operations

    The Operations team is responsible for Library human resources, health and safety, recruitment, staff welfare, staff development, and communications and is led by the Operations Manager. 

    For general queries please contact:

    Grainne Mac Dermott
    Operations Manager
    T: +44 (0)1273873512

    Maria Smith
    Administrative Support Officer
    T: +44 (0)1273877097

    For communications queries please contact:

    Ciaran Clark
    Library Admin Supervisor
    T: +44 (0)1273873454


    The building team is responsible for Library maintenance, health and safety, managing the physical space, post delivery, support for other departments, and security.

    For general queries please contact:

    Tom Mountford
    Assistant Buildings Manager
    T: +44 (0)1273873507

Library leadership team

Director of Library Services and University Librarian

Jane Harvell

Portait photo of Jane Harvell

Associate Director / Curator of the Mass Observation Archive

Dr Fiona Courage

Portait photo of Fiona Courage

Associate Director

Suzanne Tatham

Portait photo of Suzanne Tatham

Personal Assistant to the Librarian

Lindsay Crook

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