Industrial Informatics and Signal Processing Research Group

Doctoral theses

Recently Completed Doctoral Theses

1) “Enhancement Of Correlator Filter Performance Utilising Space-Domain Non-linearities” by Lamia S. Jamal-Aldin –DPhil,Sussex, October 1998.

2) “Design of Optimal Neural Network Control Strategies with Minimal a priori Knowledge” by Vasileios Paraskevopoulos –DPhil,Sussex, March 2000.

3) “Comparison of Interpolation Techniques for Polar to Rectangular Coordinate Transformation with Application to Real Time Image Processing” by Ho Cheyne Gaw –DPhil,Sussex, October 2000.

4) “Computer Enhanced Network Design” by Abbas Geha –DPhil,Sussex, September 2001.

5) “Optimisation of Construction Implemented as a Manufacturing Process” by Ateeq Al Nasser –DPhil,Sussex, September 2001.

6) “A Pattern Recognition Wiener Filter for Realistic Clutter Backgrounds” by Sovira Tan –DPhil,Sussex, 2002

7) “Modelling and Simulation of Integrated Operational and Information Processing Systems in Manufacturing” by Qian Wang –Dphil,Sussex, May 2002

8) An Incoherent Correlator Based Star Tracking System For Satellite Navigation” by Aristodimos Kouris –DPhil,Sussex, September 2002.

9) “Market Based Agents in Supply Chain Management” by Pouwan Lei –DPhil,Sussex, 2002.

10) “Colour Image Segmentation and Restoration with Non-linear Local Operators” by David Nolent –Dphil,Sussex, May 2002.

11) “Development of High Quality Capacitive Sensors” by Thomas Bach –DPhil,Sussex, 2003.

12) “Invariance Analysis and Performance Assessment of Pattern Recognition Filters for Hybrid optical/Digital Correlator Configurations” by Triantafillos Koukoulas –DPhil,Sussex, 2003.

13) “Microstereolithography Implemented Via Visible Light Digital Holography” by Sumanta Talukdur –DPhil,Sussex, April 2004.

14) “Modeling of Integrated Manufacturing and Business Systems” by F. Gao –MPhil,Sussex, February 2005.

15) “Sensors for Non-Contact ECG Measurements” by Thomas Johnathan Deveraj –DPhil,Sussex, 2005.

16) “Distortion Tolerant Non-Linear Filters Designed Using Artificial Neural Networks”, by Ioannis Kypraios –DPhil,Sussex, 2005

17) “Synthesis and Reconstruction of Computer Generated Holograms by a Double Pass Technique on a Twisted Nematic Based Liquid Crystal Spatial Light Modulator” by Sasidhar Chavali – MPhil, Sussex, 2006

18) “MEMs sensors exploiting the squeeze-film damping effect” by Paul Smith –DPhil,Sussex, 2007

19) “Implementing Wireless Location Based Services Using Bluetooth, GPS and Java” by Tareg Hameid –DPhil,Sussex, 2007

20) “Detection, Segmentation and Tracking of Moving Individuals in Cluttered Scenes” by Georgios Christogiannopoulos,DPhil,Sussex, 2007

21) “Detection of Lung Tumours in CT Images by Image Processing” by Ramya Sriram,MPhil,Sussex, September 2007

22) “Fully Invariant Object Recognition and Tracking from Cluttered Scenes” by Peter Bone,DPhil,Sussex, October 2007

23) “Advances in Image Texture Analysis for Medical Diagnosis and Prognosis” by Balaji Ganeshan,DPhil,Sussex, September 2007

24) “Recognition Algorithms for Biometrics on Portable Computing Devices” by Huiqi Lu,DPhil,Sussex, March 2008

25) “Digital Forensics Using Machine Learning Methods” by Muhammad Naeem Ahmed Khan,DPhil,Sussex, March 2008

26) “Direct Write Digital Holography” by John Tapsell,DPhil,Sussex, May 2008

27) “An Integrated Total Quality Management Framework” by Xu Wang, DPhil, June 2008

28) “Ontology Development Mapping E-Marketing Mix Model with Internet Consumers’ Decision-Making Styles” by Tony Sam, DPhil, Dec, 2008

29) “Pattern Reconstruction Algorithms & Design of Hardware Accelerators to Permit Their Real Time Operation”, by Saad Rehman, Sussex, PhD, May 2009

30) “Classification of Medical Images with Small Data Sets”, by Ioannis Trakas, Sussex, PhD, June 2009

31) “Scene Segmenation Using Similarity, Motion, & Depth Based Cues”, by Bhargav K. Mitra, Sussex, PhD, September 2010.

32) “Cost Effective Optical Fibre Backbone Infrastructure for Tanzania” by Shaban Pazi, Sussex, PhD, Jan 2011

33) “Acoustic Analysis of Sindhi Speech – A Pre-curser for an ASR System”, by Ayaz Keerio, Sussex, PhD, Feb 2011

34) “Performance of Continuously Pumped, Passively Q-Switched, Solid State Lasers” by Min Lu , PhD, July 2011

35) “Bioimpedance Analysis Techniques for Malignant Tissue Identification” by Guofeng Qiao, Sussex University, PhD, October 2011

36) “High QoS and Energy Efficient Medium Access Control Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks”, by Bilal Muhammad Khan, PhD, School of Engineering and Informatics, University of Sussex, November 2011

37) “Adaptive Object Segmentation and Tracking” by Nagachetan Bangalore Manjunathamurthy, School of Engineering & Informatics Sussex University, PhD, January 2012

38) “Vacuum Maglev – An international endeavour for a global space program” by Tanay Sharma, School of Engineering & Informatics, Sussex University, PhD –pending, May 2012

39) “Detection of Breast Cancer With Electrical Impedence Mammography”, by Gerald SZE, School of Engineering & Informatics, Sussex University, PhD, May 2012