Centre for Higher Education and Equity Research (CHEER)

Seminar 5: Who Can Inhabit the New Academic Identities of a Digital Age?

Date: Tuesday 12th January 2010  10am - 4pm
Venue: Leeds Metropolitan University, Rose Bowl Conference Room
This final session interrogates the claimed new generational power geometries of higher education in view of what has been seen as an almost universal shift in students' orientation to knowledge and technological literacy. We ask if this is the case or for which students and which type of institution is this a reality?

Speaker 1: Professor Sue Clegg
Professor of Higher Education Research
Head of the Centre for Research into Higher Education
Leeds Metropolitan University
Title: Academic identities re-formed? Contesting technological determinism in accounts of the digital age
Audio of lecture [188MB MP3]

Speaker 2: Carol Taylor & Dr. Mairead Dunne
Senior Lecturer Sheffield Hallam University & Senior Lecturer University of Sussex
Title: The Virtualisation of Knowledge: identity, knowledge and power in higher Education

Speaker 3: Professor Huw Morris
Dean of School and Pro-Vice Chancellor Manchester Metropolitan University
MMU Business School
Title: The Net Generation, the knowledge economy and on-line learning; who is learning on-line and how?
Audio of lecture [177MB MP3]

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